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Hope Clark

3145 E. Chandler Blvd, Suite 110
Phoenix, Arizona, United States


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AOL: hopeclark1

FundsforWriters is an online resource for writers. You can be a thirty-year veteran or a part-time wannabe, but at FundsforWriters (FFW), we consider you a writer none-the-less.

Other websites provide guidance on how to write, how to query, how to format manuscripts, and so on. We give you direction on the funding streams. We gently focus you toward markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers, agents, and jobs for your writing abilities.


FFW began in March 2000 after a women's writing group in Georgia opened my eyes to the fact that it's hard to write when you can't afford ink for the printer, postage for the manuscripts, or gas to the conferences. As a guest speaker, I initially planned a topic on the writer's need for the Internet. That subject quickly eroded to finding funds for all aspects of writing. Since my background was in finance and my day job involved loans and grants, I offered a few words of advice. Boy! Did that ever blow into a bigger deal than I imagined!


A few emails grew into a bunch of emails. I soon tired of giving the same answers five times a day, and a newsletter was born. FundsforWriters: The Book published through in October 2000 which taught me much about POD. When I found so many markets that fell below the limits of FundsforWriters parent newsletter, I initiated FFWJunior. After all, I hated to waste the research. Then after a few dozen emails about markets for young people, WritingKid became a natural.

The website...

The websites changed from simple and gaudy to the current (which I hope has evolved from gaudy). And after a couple years, I compiled my research into a couple of ebooks. Now we try to keep 2-4 ebooks current and available to FundsforWriters fans.

We run the Success Wanted! Contest each year, and we've reached the point of paying writers. Prior to that time, I wrote all of our material to avoid accepting outside material without compensation. We don't compete with Woman's Day or Family Circle, but we hold true to a writer earning a dollar for his or her sweat. And as we grow, so do our payments.

Our mission...

We attempt high quality and we remain true to our original intent - provide PAYING markets for writers. Our ads must touch upon a writer's world, and we shy away from generic and get-rich-quick affiliates. And when we endorse a product or a book, we believe in it.


Our biggest leap came in the form of TOTAL FundsforWriters. After years of free newsletters, the time came to earn a living as writer (kind of a practice-what-you-preach thing). FundsforWriters continues to be free, but we took the same format and exploded it into a biweekly paid subscription offering 90+ paying opportunities. We think it's our greatest work and constantly work to deliver it to our loyal readers.

Who is Hope...

Who am I? I'm in my forties and as of Jan 2003, started freelancing on my own. Did I take a huge leap? Yes and no. I left a very comfortable position as Administrative Director of a small federal agency to write. I managed budgets, loans, grants, human resources, and procurement for 25 years, and when Uncle Sam allowed me to take a reduced early retirement I jumped at the chance.

So my income dropped by 60%, my husband took a promotion in Phoenix, Arizona, and my new life began. If you stick around for long, you'll learn about my federal agent husband, my patriotism, my dachshund, my deep Southern upbringing, and a strong need to make others feel good about their lot in life or their ability to alter it to another level. Attitude is everything. And mine hasn't always been so nice.

But now I have a chance to help others while educating myself. If you need help, just ask. If we can answer, we will. If we can't, we'll find a place to send you. You do not get ignored at FundsforWriters, and all emails receive an answer.

Hope is FundsforWriters. And recently Hope became The Shy Writer, a new book released in October 2004. I experienced shyness for most of my life, and while I learned to work around it, through it, and beyond it in certain situations, it's never gone and welcomes me each and everytime I speak with people or groups. So I wrote about shyness in the writing world and how shy writers can still have a career without being gregarious. Too many writers still do not get past Chapter 1 for fear of the people they one day will face at publishing houses, conferences and writing groups. The Shy Writer is a great motivational and how-to book for the quiet, reclusive person who lets it get in the way of earning a living with his passion for words.

Interests: Reading, writing, gardening, nature, research

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Shy Writer