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Brouwn Brouwn

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IJsselstein, Netherlands


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I was born in Suriname and moved to the Netherlands at age 5. About and around the time I was 14 I picked up an interest in writing, because I could and wanted to and because I was told by my Dutch teacher that I had talent. After two years that interest dropped, girls, bars and girls again were more interesting.

When I was 18 I got my HAVO-diploma (Dutch equivalent of High School) and decided to study chemistry. After a year of bad grades, I failed miserably at the mathematical side of it, I picked up writing again and switched to study social work. There I could combine good grades and writing, and both even influenced one another.

Around age 22 I got an idea for a novel that I merely outlined, though now a good twenty years later it's as good as finished. I wrote two other novels plus a half finished sequel of that trilogy in Dutch, but it was rather experimental and probably not solid enough for publication. Nonetheless it was good exercise as well as an indication that I could start and finish a work.

At age 24 I decided to cancel my studies and go for writing full force. Did all kinds of small, mostly part-time or temporary jobs, to make ends meet. A year later I had an experimental work down combining poetry and prose, which was sent back by a Dutch publisher, after which I decided that writing was probably nice as a hobby. Just like my singing in several bands. At the same time I got another job in a bar and after just a month I became assistant manager. Being well-paid as such, though also for making long hours, put writing on a simmer at most.

At age 30 my former girlfriend and I became mommy and daddy. My job at the bar still paid good, but the long hours were a big toll as well. Half a year after my daughter's birth I started an import/export business to and from Africa. Things were very promising for a good 18 months, until I got scammed. In a few months I lost all the money I had made and started working in a bar again. In little over a year I got from nothing back to something again and got a chance to become a bar-owner. I took that chance, setting up a cybercafé, hoping that at some point I was able to pick up writing and singing again. When I almost reached that goal things went wrong once more. The competition was too much and from booming and blooming things got to long hours and hardly any pay. My relationship with my girlfriend came to an end too, which all together left me in shambles a lot.

I managed to pull myself together bits and got a little job again. Nonetheless bills piled up and there seemed no way out, especially since most of the mail I received had the nature of threats to repossess whatever I had. When finally I got fired from my little job I only felt broke, broken and wanted to ...

I wanted to write again and got an idea for a story called the ‘Emperor of Mars’, of which I lost all material thus far, since I was homeless and moving between friends and family at a constant rate. Then one of my brothers offered me to stay in his house where I could work in peace on my writing. We moved all my stuff from many different locations to his place and when I found some old notes I felt driven to mold them into a love-story. Things I had experienced first hand, so nothing seemed more simple. Of course nothing less was true, even if at times it seemed as if the winds of inspiration carried themselves out through me, most of the time it was just hard work. At points I told myself that after I would finish I’d never write a novel again, especially some of the editing, finding solutions that would make my fiction plausible up to a somewhat scientific approach, pushed me to state such. Nevertheless, now I am in fact in the process of writing a new novel.

I seem to have a tendency to write in the genre of science-fiction. Yet my interest is not so much the hard science, but more the psychological mentality required to wisely use certain advancement and the sociological impact of technological progression. In my as good as finished novel ‘Shadow World’ events take place in the now, which I emphasize by writing most of the story in present tense, even if time itself in said story ends up to be used as a very pliable matter. The story I’m currently working on, under the work-title ‘Gujaar’ could be defined as classical science fiction, if only because it is situated in a distant future. Another genre that I like to use and explore is that of humor or comedy, under my pseudonym Groovus I have a set of loose episodes, concerning; religion, sex and space-travel, in the works. Groovus is also the poet, whereas in poetry I mainly use the format of free verse with the main goal of writing entertaining pieces of performance-poetry. As Damnastica I try to explore the feminine side of things, but I must say that this is no other than an experiment at the time being.

Though English is not my native tongue, I seem manage reasonably well, according to responses on my web-sites and The major reason for me to write in English is that in doing so I can reach a bigger audience, the best part of writing, whether poetry or prose, is that of response and recognition.

Currently I am translating a philosophical work called “The Universal Principle of Trinity” from Dutch to English. Besides that, I’m a part-time barkeeper in a Latin bar.


Interests: Music (singing and composing), Travel, Philosophy, Psychology/Sociology, Star-Trek

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes