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James Nickel

Wenatchee, Washington, United States


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James Nickel holds degrees in mathematics (B.A.), theology (B.Th. and B.Miss.), and education (M.A.). He is also a candidate for the M.S. degree (Master of Science in Mathematics with a Teaching Option) from Texas A&M University. He is the author of two books:

1. Mathematics: Is God Silent? (Ross House Books, [1990] 2001)
2. Lift Up Your Eyes on High: Understanding the Stars (Christian Liberty Press, 1999) - an Australian (Southern Hemisphere) version of this book is entitled The Heavens Declare: Understanding the Stars (Light Educational Ministries, 1998)

He is currently working on a new book, Mathematics: Building on Foundations, a textbook that will explore the nature, structure, and purpose of mathematics starting from explicit biblical presuppositions.

He has always had a fascination for numbers starting with keeping baseball statistics in the 1960s (he was then and currently is now a San Francisco Giants baseball fan). This interest led him into the field of mathematics and computers and he has programmed computers in a wide variety of contexts:

1. Science: for the United States Navy in Pt. Mugu where in the 1970s (as a mathematical analyst) he designed code to analyze radar flight data of the F-14A Tomcat and the Tomahawk Cruise Missile.
2. Book publishing business: for a major publishing house in Minneapolis where he designed and programmed an order entry/royalty system in the late 1970s.
3. Education: for an Australian Christian school (teaching mathematics, science, and history) in the state of South Australia where in the 1980s he first encountered the personal computer - a 2.33 Mhz processor with a dual 5.5 inch floppy (no hard drive), and a monochrome monitor costing a whopping $5,000 AUD (He wrote the manuscript of his first book using the word processor Multimate).
4. Utility business: as a systems analyst, he enjoyed about 15 years programming, designing, and maintaining software applications (platforms: mainframe, client/server, Web).
5. Until recently, he was the Dean of the School of Mathematics of a proposed distance learning school.

Above all, he loves researching and writing (especially in the areas of mathematics and science) and has accumulated a library of nearly 2,000 books covering these fields and the fields of theology, history, economics, education, and law.

He is married with three grown children.

Interests: Mathematics, education, theology, philosophy, world view issues

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Mathematics: Is God Silent?
  • Lift Up Your Eyes on High: Understanding the Stars