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Jorge Partidas Alzuru

Agent: None

Caracas, Venezuela


Home page:

I'm a partially retired attorney/businessman dedicated since 1990 to writing novels (I also do beach front developments in my country -Venezuela- see Planeta, one of the largest spanish language editor, has published two of my novels ("La Canción del Deshielo" [backdrop the Soviet Union, 1930/50] and "Los Dueños del Silencio" [backdrop Peru, 1990's]. Both, in PDF format, can be downloaded from my web site ( La canción del deshielo is heavily inspired by the charm of the music of Rimsky-Korsakov's music (tutorial on line). In its E-Book version (also in the site), concerts are available. Other books and manuscripts can be downloaded from my page. “Homo Incognito”, is my most recent novel. Its central argument is man’s evolution and the unearthing in Australia of a Homo sapiens sapiens fossil, what is known today as a modern man, but much much older, extremely more, than the evolution that led to the present modern man. The backdrop of Homo Incognito is Australia, Ethiopia and Veti Lukuadong, an imaginary archipelago off the eastern coast of Africa. My novels are in Spanish but translations are welcomed in any language. More of my bio. in the web site.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No