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Pauline Drummie

Middlesex, United Kingdom


I was born in 1964, the second eldest child of a family that grew and grew until there were six of us children. My father worked hard for a pittance and my mother for love. Luxuries such as drawing and writing paper were as scarce as toilet tissue in a house with six children. I would write poems in old school books and repeatedly recite them to the world from a table in my back garden. As I grew older I looked for an escape route from hardship, so I made an attempt at writing a book about my childhood during my late teens, unfortunately I discovered nightclubs after the first twenty pages. That's where my first husband flashed his big blue eyes and promised we would sail away into the sunset. The Titanic had better luck on her maiden voyage than I had in this marriage, the only difference was that the Titanic hit an iceberg and I hit his fist (many times). Like the Titanic I sank, for seven years I waited to be rescued. Him leaving was my life raft; I learnt to paddle on my own with three children until I met my second husband. The sharpness of his tongue punctured my raft and the hold he had over me was stronger than super-glue. When I started to write again I was ridiculed and brainwashed into believing that I couldn't string two sentences together. Years past before he left and I started believing in myself again. I undertook a combination of courses with Open University to obtain a degree and discovered that I enjoyed essay writing more than chocolate. With my marks increasing and the essay length growing, my urge to write grew as strong as I was becoming. Sadly my commitment to work, my course-work and my children (now totalling five) prevented it from blossoming. In January 2004 illness struck. First I thought it was a curse as there was little I could do. I couldn't study as I developed the memory of a gnat and sitting about resting became my full-time occupation. In a bid to keep my brain 'ticking' I started to write again, but this time with a difference; confidence. My first book (self-help with a spiritual overtone) was my tool for healing the darkness from the past that still haunted me. Then came my first novel, with a strong interest in the paranormal, supernatural and psychic phenomenon, I escaped into the world of my own writing and thank the blessing of illness for putting me back on the right track. I intend to continue down this road for many years to come and have the sequel to my novel in progress. Akin to a road I have branched out recently; I have undertaken (on demand) and completed a short work based upon children's detrimental experiences at school - bullying - Watch Out For Crocodiles! has been met by countless praise from the parents of a class of six/seven year olds in my local school and is now available at I am willing to work freelance on almost any type of project (including copy-typing manuscripts in an european language) and the production of manuscripts from audio tapes, in a bid to earn sufficient to keep myself in paper and ink. I have recently had several columns published in the web magazine '' and submitted several short stories to fee-paying magazines. At present I am working on a series of children's books aimed at 5-9 year olds - My Sister, Me & The Ghost Makes Three - the first two books are now available for publication. I also have an easy reader aimed at young adults in progress with anticipated completion end of Summer 2005.

Interests: Paranormal, Parapsychology, Spiritual, Wicca, Supernatural, Mind Body & Spirit, Self-Help, Children's Self help, child psychology, almost anything but slushy love stories.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Karmic Cross-Over
  • Poetry

  • For Changing Times
  • Children's Literature

  • My Sister, Me & The Ghost Makes Three - Book 2
  • Lindy Loo The Would-Be Tooth Fairy
  • My Sister, Me & The Ghost Makes Three - Book 1
  • Watch Out For Crocodiles