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Stacy Taylor

Fairbanks, Alaska, United States


Home page:

Yahoo: safiyah_starr

I'm an over thirty southern girl now living in the wilds of Alaska--which aren't really all that wild in downtown Fairbanks.

Because I work a full time job and have a teenage son to keep up with, I write mostly short fiction and flash fiction with an occasional article or essay thrown in for good measure. Like most writers, I plan to write the quintessential novel one day which will propel me directly to the top of the bestseller charts. So, remember my name.

I also co-developed and administrate an online writing workshop and co-edit two webzines, Chick Flicks, and HeavyGlow, with my partner, Laurie O'Hare. See my editor bio for details.

Publication credits for 2005 (links below):

1. A Linear Equation of Nebulous Import -- A fictional look at obsession. Available at T-Zero: the Writer's Ezine in the archive section. Edited by Judy Hunt and staff.

2. Gone Fishing -- An intimate look at the decay of one woman's life and the steps she takes to correct it. Available at The Danforth Review, edited by Michael Bryson.

3. Opening Beat -- An article about opening a piece of fiction. Available at Lost in the Dark, edited Athena Workman.

4. So Very Necessary -- Insanity wears many disguises. First winner of the "Writer's Choice" award at Spoiled Ink, edited by Alan Emmins, Chris Ramsden, and Sean Merrigan.

5. Preserving Alaskan Culture and Language -- A look at the many languages imbedded in the Alaska Native population. Available at Associated Content.

6. Writing: Grammar and Punctuation Tutorial -- A compact and condensed article about the things writers know but sometimes forget. Available at Associated Content.

7. Shards and Silhouettes -- Anger. Available at Lunatic Chameleon (Anger Issue), edited by Nancy Purnell.

Publication credits for 2004 (links below):

1. Heads Up -- Dark, bloody fiction with a semisexual twist. Available online at BizarrEBooks in an e-book anthology titled "A Razor Ocean: Bloody Tales". Edited and compiled by John Lawson.

2. Stealing Mama's Ring -- A biographical piece about my mother's death. Available online at Good Gosh Almighty. Edited by John F. Rebrovick.

3. Microsecond -- Flash fiction about life, love, and death. Available online at Smoke Long Quarterly (archives, issue #4), and in print at Cafepress ("Smoke Long Annual"). Edited by Dave Clapper.

4. A Shiny New Penny -- Dark/horror fiction about a young man's relationship with his father. Available online at From the Asylum Books and Press (August 2004). Coming to print in July/August 2005 in "Tales From the Asylum: Anthology of Fiction and Poetry", volume #2. Edited by Kate Sanger.

5. Coconut Man -- Dark, photo inspired fiction about murder on a train. Available online at Tattoo Highway issue #9 (TH9). This flash piece tied for first place in this issue for the "picture worth 500 words contest". Edited by Sara McAuley.

6. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz: A Book Review -- The title says it all. Available online at Lost in the Dark horror webzine. Edited by Athena Workman.

7. Shit Factory -- The drudgery of life in a factory job. Available at Outsider Ink, edited by Sean Meriweter.

Previous Publications:

1. Heads Up (original version) -- Deviant Minds E-zine (defunct)

2. Broken Wings -- Events Quarterly E-zine (defunct)

3. The Orchard -- The Woolly Mammoth E-zine (defunct)

4. Ice Garden -- Winner of the F2K short story contest April 2002, currently available online at Chick Flicks E-zine by following the "Chick Flicks Flavas" link. Latter edited by Laurie O'Hare and Stacy Taylor.

5. Millenia, Frayed, and Dawn's Keen Edge -- FlashShot Daily Genre fiction summer 2004. Edited by Esther Schrader.

Interests: Writing, reading, epic films, and star-gazing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Heads Up
  • Coconut Man
  • So Very Necessary
  • Microsecond
  • Shit Factory
  • Shards and Silhouettes
  • Microsecond (print)
  • A Linear Equation of Nebulous Portent
  • A Shiny New Penny
  • Gone Fishing
  • Nonfiction

  • Opening Beat
  • Preserving Alaskan Culture and Language
  • Stealing Mama's Ring
  • Writing: Grammar and Punctuation Tutorial
  • Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz: A Book Review