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Nick Nelson

Agent: agentname
PO BOX 1123
Isabela, PR, Puerto Rico


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1. While in the United States Air force he became involved with an operation titled "Operation Counterpush" He was in charge of some operations that led to the destruction of at least five trafficking drug rings. These rings sold controlled substances in turn bought weapons of various types to use in their cause for terrorism against Israel and other US allies. He was directly responsible to answer up the chain of command to United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) at Ramstein AB, Germany. His contribution not only led towards anti-terrorism but in saving the thousands of lives involved in drug usage. Helping them finally realize the true meaning of life and their families, to make a choice for a real productive life. This provided him with a choice given to him by the base commander. The high ranking officer commanders gave him an opportunity to join the ranks of commissioned officer for his meritorious service free of charge to Officer Training School which he gratefully turned down. Instead he was Privileged and Honored to become "One of the Twelve Most Outstanding Airman in Europe. Later in life his experiences expanded to the scenes of explosives and related anti-terrorist activities while in the State of Florida and adjoining states.

From Nick Nelson himself: I am privileged and honored not to mention lucky for the life I have lived. Some medical doctor friends of mine mentioned that based on my life experience it would be considered a life of three lifetimes. Maybe I was in the right place at the right time. My experiences are being used to help others by counseling them. Helping them help themselves in their own problem situations or at least recommending someone or somewhere for help. I can provide motivational speeches for some of the depressed. I could help with advising with some of the dangers of drug usage. I could assist with guiding some to determine their primary interests and maybe decide if they are interested either in money, advancement, training, traveling, recreation, education, security and satisfaction. In conclusion give back to society the rewards I have had in my life.

Now, everything I learned from my three lifetimes will be shared in my future writings. Prepare yourself to enjoy and place yourself in my story.

Interests: Traveling around the world, excellant food, motorcycle riding around the USA, Puerto Rico and in Europe. CSI, Law and Order TV. Public speaking, making lots of money. On occasions a real cold Budweiser.

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