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Rob D.Caterino

Agent: Self Promotion

Greenville, South Carolina, United States


Home page:

AOL: vitogoomba

Born in 1956 in a city called Newark, New Jersey, Bob grew up in a mob filled neighborhood. At the age of twelve he started writing things for fun. He recorded in a home based studio over dubbing all the voices and sound effects himself. These recordings ended up on local radio programs and were a huge success.

In 1974 Bob landed a recurring roll on "The Uncle Floyd Vivino show" on UHF. The shows soon made it to cable and eventually channel 2 in New York City.

He started doing his stand up act around the tri state area until he decided that he should do what he did best, write. He started writing for television as well as movies. Bob also wrote many news paper articles around the country.

His book "GROWING UP GOOMBA" was a critically acclaimed success but the e-book only made it to cult status. It is one of the funniest books on the market today.

His books include "SON OF GODFADDAH" It is a satire anout America;s beloved mafia family as the ailing Don Vito passes the crown to his midget son. This killer comedy, number one with a bullet.

His other books include KARENS POSSESSIONS, SARA, MY BEDSIDE COMPANION, THE JUNK IN MY TRUNK and a new one coming soon called Temtations of the soul, a hundred erotic tales. My Bedside companion is a book written by Dr. Teresa Ann Grimes a sex therapist who is from Swedan. Bob edits this book and had it translated into English. His works can be found at and and soon in a bookstore near you.

Interests: I love voice over work as well as writing. I have done stand up and write freelance articles for many news magizines.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Growing up Goomba
  • Rick Dees Stalker