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Jackie Miller

Agent: Trafford Publishing
LA PUENTE, California, United States

I was born in Reno, Nevada on October 5th, 1959. My brother, Mark Edward Miller joined us on June 11th, 1961. Our parents were a Blackfoot Indian Mother and an African American Father.

At an early age, while living in Oakland, California, our parents separated. My Mother decided that moving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota would increase her chance of passing as a white woman. Four years later, we returned to Reno.

Helen Cruickshank, (my grandmother) had a dream that we were being subjected to violent physical and mental abuse from our Mother. MamaHelen (as we caled her) convinced my Mother to us on a Greyhound bus bound for Oakland and back to our Father.

We lived in East Oakland for two years. I was always in neighborhood fights as the new kids on the block and for having light skin, curly hair and green eyes. One day, the three of us saw a movie titled "Five Fingers of Death." The action packed martial arts film influenced my brother and I to learn the way of life.

Before we could find a school, a life changing event happen to my Father that sent us to finally live with MamaHelen.

In 1971, we started training at the Berkeley Wado-Kai Karate Dojo with Sensei Yoshiari Ajari. During my high school freshman year of 1973, I studied with a friend named Doug Jones in a Chinese Kempo style from the Al DeCasco's school of Kung-Fu.

Later during my J.C. college years, after failing to make the school's basketball team, I met Julius Baker Jr. He was teaching a Tae Kwon Do class at the college. After training with Mr. Baker for 4 years, I received my Black Belt.

Mr. Baker also formed a demonstration team called "Baker's Martial Arts Theatrical Troupe." The concept was to substitute the sometimes boring display of kicks and punches in formation. Choreographed fight routines with dramatic and humorous themes were performed for audiences in several local states.

As a added bonus to my training and knowledge, I was introduced to Capoeira by my senior black belt named Ken Pitts. Mr. Baker eventually met Mestre Accordion and allowed him to teach the African-Brazilian style at his school.

In 1982, I wrote a stage play titled "Dream Maker" that later became "Keeper of the Arts".

Mr. Baker's Demo Team was the play's main characters with a supporting cast of;

1) Sensei Bruce Klickstien's Aikido Institute Demonstration Team.

2) Master In-Hyuk Suh's Kuk Sool Won Demonstration Team featuring Master In-Joo Suh.

3) Mestre Accordion and the World Capoeira Association Demonstration Team featuring Master Instructor Julius Baker Jr. and 5th Degree Ken Pitts.

4) SiFu Bills Owens and the Kasami Vijiti Stick Fighting Demonstration Team featuring 5th degree Black Belt Ken Pitts.

5) SiFu Anthony Chan and the Berkeley Institute of Wu Shu Demonstration Team.

I participated in the First World Capoeira Association's Tournament held in Alameda, California. I also won the middle weight kumite division for black belts at the Kuk Sool Won First Open Tournament held in San Francisco, California as well as many other tournaments.

With the death of my Grandmother and Jackie Grant Wilkerson, my father, I moved to Southern California. There, I found a video production called "Cadillac Dreamz" and H. "Spanky" Jackson. After working on several filming projects and screenplays, I decided on fulfilling a life time dream of writing a book.

I currently lives in Southern California. I have two boys with the oldest named Torren Grant Miller a.k.a. "Nerrot" and Daniel Jackie Miller a.k.a. "D.J. Grant".

Interests: Martial Arts, Movies/script writing, Sports, Fun, Outdoor Activities, Nite Life, and what ever you can bring to the table.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Keeper of the Arts