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Gia Manry

1501 South Loop 288, Suite 104 #146
Denton, Texas, United States


Home page:

I am a trained journalist who has been working as a freelancer for eight years. My
specialties are Internet-based content and pop culture/entertainment journalism.
Throughout my time as a freelancer I have run the gamut from how-to articles to in-
depth features, interviews and top ten lists. I am a strong researcher and have
proven flexible in tone. As a member of the tech-savvy generation, I am up-to-date
on my social networking, Photoshop, and video editing skills. I believe in going the
extra mile as part of my day-to-day tasks and in turning in my best work every
time. Finally, I am a stickler for deadlines.

Here is a quick (and not exhaustive) listing of my skills:
- Copywriting
- Blogging
- Internet marketing
- Search engine optimization (SEO)
- Research
- Photoshop
- Video Editing
- Community management
- Social media engagement
- Content strategizing

Finally, I am also a member of the National Writers Union (UAW 1981).

Interests: fiction young adult fiction, novels, short stories, nonfiction, search engine optimization, seo, copywriting, proofreading, articles, magazine writing, entertainment writing, website writing, blogging, geek culture, dallas, travel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • On FanFiction
  • Interview: [Screenwriter] Peter Craig
  • Five 3D Movies that Might Get You Pregnant
  • French Beds I Have Slept In (And Some I Wish I Hadn\'t)
  • Bit-by-Bit: The BitTorrent Storm
  • Snuggle Up with a Book