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Ande Corryn

Guelph, Ontario, Canada


You wake up in a body that feels too heavy to be yours and you wonder what happened to you in the night. The room is still too dark to see clearly. You feel as though you were beaten in your sleep. You prop yourself up on one arm and swing your feet over to touch the floor. One foot brushes something warm and furry that grumbles in protest and then moves to let you stand. You don't know if your legs will hold you up, you shuffle toward the thin rectangle of light that marks the edges of a door. Good morning. You're me.

Interests: film, screenplays, short fiction, poetry, sailing, gardening, interior design, computer programming, visual arts, textile arts, graphic design, blogging, internet society, cyberpunk, cryptography, environmental biology, principles of disease, forensics

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes