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Alejandro Aguilar

Agent: none
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


Home page:

Philadelphia, PA 19132
(610) 742-7810

1980 B.A. in History and International Relations, University of Havana
1973 – 76 Training in theater with the City Theater Company; visual arts studies at the Escuela Provincial de Arte in Camagüey, Cuba
1990s Experience within various theater companies and with film production in Cuba

1982-1984: Instructor in History in various high schools in Havana
1986-92: Liaison for diverse NGOs in projects related to UNESCO, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary; travel to over 40 countries.
1992–2003: Manager and Drama/Lighting Director of Danzabierta, the most prestigious contemporary dance company in Cuba, which performs in foreign countries at least six months of the year
2003–present: Freelance writer for various journals and publications in the United States

Tesituras (poems). Caracas, Venezuela: La espada rota, 1994.
Paisaje de arcilla (short stories). La Habana: Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1997. Featured at Havana´s International Book Fair of 1998 (later withdrawn from circulation for political reasons)
Figuras tendidas, (short stories) Las Tunas, Cuba: Editorial Sanlope, 2000. Featured at Havana’s International Book Fair of 2001.
Casa de cambio. (novel) (Publication was blocked in Cuba for political reasons).
The disobedience (novel). San Juan: Editorial Plaza Mayor,2002. Featured at Miami International Book Fair of 2003 and at Havana International Book Fair of 2004.
Razones para llamar a Sandra (novel). Forthcoming.

1. Writing on the Edge: Contemporary Stories from Cuba, Ed. Pamela Carmell. Forthcoming in 2004 in the United States. "Aguas" ("Waters") trans. By Cristina de la Torre
2. Cubanacán: Contemporary Writing from Cuba. Eds. Jacqueline Loss and Esther Whitfield. "Paisaje de arcilla", trans. by Andrew Hurley. Forthcoming in 2005 by Northwestern UP.
3. Irreverente Eros: Selection of erotic short stories. La Habana: Editorial José Martí, 2001. "Poco antes del siglo XXI".
4. Nadie quiere mentir. Selection of erotic short stories. Camaguey: Editorial Ácana. 2001. “Nadie quiere mentir.”
5. De Cuba te cuento. Collection of Cuban stories, San Juan: Plaza Mayor, 2003. “Cuento y epílogo para otro amigo en fuga.”

Literary Journals
June 1996- " Lotta mi tiempo"
October 1996- "Amanecer griego"
April 1997- " Noche en Rio"
Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana 11, winter 1998: "Cuento y epílogo para otro amigo en fuga"
La Gaceta de Cuba:
May 1999- "Una otra mirada": a chapter of Casa de cambio.
June 2000- "1993," essay.
Extramuros, La Habana, December 1999: "Introducing DanzAbierta," essay.
Metamorphoses, the Journal of the Five-College Faculty Seminar on Literary Translation, Fall 2003: “Negrito, The Chinese Sugar Man.”

Emilio Balagas Prize, 1998, for "Nadie quiere mentir". Used as title for the publication in 2001 of a collection of erotic stories by Editorial Acana, Camagüey, Cuba
Manuel Cofiño Prize, 1999 for "Figuras tendidas", featured at Havana's International Book Fair, February 2001
Honorable Mention for the Italo Calvino Prize, for "Casa de cambio", Archi Nuova-UNION, La Habana, 1997
Honorable Mention in the UNEAC (Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba) National Prize for Fiction, for "En el mismo barco", 1998.
Finalist in the Casa de las Américas Prize for Fiction for "Razones para llamar a Sandra", 2001

Valle, Amir. "Brevísimas demencias". Book of essays by Editorial. Extramuros, featured at Havana´s International Book Fair, February 2001.
Valdemar Romero, Antonio. "Cambios en la narrativa latinoamericana del fin de siglo".Puntos y Comas 12, 1999 (Spain).
Valle, Amir. "Ser o no ser. Nuevas voces de la narrativa cubana de fin de siglo" El Caimán Barbudo 291, 1999.
Howe, Linda. Cuban Writers and Artists after the Revolution: Transgression and Conformity. University of Wisconsin P, 2004.

Professional activities
Participant in various writing workshops at the national level
Participant in both US-Cuba Writers Conferences organized by Writers of the Americas (NY) and UNEAC (Cuba) in Havana, 2000 and 2001
Participant in a Performing Arts Conference in Denmark, Odin Teatret, Copenhagen, 2001
Participant (with internationally known dancer/choreographer Marianela Boán), in the Barnard College International Performance Arts Conference (with Dario Fo and the principal actress for his plays, Franca Rame)
Lecture at Barnard College on Cuban literature of the past 40 years. New York, Fall, 2000
Readings to participants at Bates Dance Festival, Maine, Summer 2001 and 2003
Invited by the Rockefeller Center of Latin American Studies, Harvard University, Boston, Summer 2001 (postponed to 2002 due to the Sept 11 events)
Lecture at University of Alaska in Anchorage, by the Spanish Dept and the World Affairs Council. Alaska, March 2002 and 2003
Research scholarship at the Rockefeller Center of Latin American Studies, Harvard University, Boston, Fall 2002 (postponed to 2003 due to visa delays)
Invited as international artist by Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, Fall 2002 (postponed to 2003 due to visa delays)
Lecture at University of Connecticut, November 2003
Bilingual reading at Books & Books store. Miami, February 2004
Bilingual reading and lectures at Alfred College, New York State, March, 2004

Interests: I'am looking for a publisher interested in Spanish language novels and short stories. Part of my work is translated in to English, some of then already published or forthcoming... An Agent will be wellcome.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Paisaje de arcilla