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Milica Milivojević

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Belgrade, Yugoslavia


The first thing that comes to my mind is birthday party of
my friend that occured some seventeen years ago.It was my friends birthday and I wanted to give her my poem as a present(I admit that the poem was very silly).When I gave it to her,she read it and said:"OK,now give me my present."
Thats why I became a writer.
I almost got kicked out from secondary school,three times in two years,only because I was bored,I wanted to write and read,they had something else in mind.That period was very important,especially to my mum,who almost got a heart attack because of it.
As for my publishing history-Ive published a couple of poems(in anthologies),short stories(in Serbian-though I write my novels in English) and some articles.

Interests: Other than writing?Film(Ive done a couple of short films),music,creating TV shows.I love sports as well,and Im a proud Arsenal supporter.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No