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Kristin Groulx

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


"I am a part of all that I have met" - from Ulysses, Alfred Lord Tennyson. To write about adventures I have seen and share them with others has become my passion. Though I am 35 years of age (old to some, young to many, but just right for me) I have walked many paths. With each step I've taken on a new adventure. Though I have stumbled and fallen many times, I have also lept where others would simple stand still.

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Official Website:
For the latest information on her published novels:

The Ghost of Colby Drive (July 2007) available on Amazon
The Curse of the Moonless Knight (October 2008)

About the Author
Goddess of the quill and notoriously dangerous writer of first person prose...

Author Kristin Groulx writes paranormal young adult romances, chick-lit and paranormal thrillers. With a flare for the mysterious, a fascination with magic, and a passion for discovering love in its many forms, Kristin knew it was only natural to write fiction. She is also no stranger to traveling, having lived and explored the United States, Asia and Canada.

Her real life ghostly encounters are incorporated into her novels, and present a direct look at uncommon paranormal experiences. For the past decade, Kristin has dug up extensive genealogical research, ranging from tiptoeing around cemeteries and rummaging betwixt pages of census records. Her direct lineage includes several writers, journalists and editors, and perhaps even a few cauldron-brewing witches. But that last part we’ll let you decide.

She lives with her husband and two kids in the beautiful country of Canada. The near arctic winter temperatures allow for an insane amount of time spent indoors, diligently writing, editing and undertaking hours of caffeine-induced, sleep-deprived historical research for her novels.


"The Ghost of Colby Drive" has been published, July 2007!
Visit Kristin's official website at:

Available on Amazon (US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan), Barnes & Nobles, Borders, and other online book retailers.

Additionally, merchandise for the book is available on cafepress.

For more detailed information, excerpt and book cover photo, please browse the "fiction" section below and click on the link for "Book One: The Ghost of Colby Drive."



Works with fellow authors, illustrators, photographers and magazines:

* Eric D. Goodman, author of 20+ novels,, (copy-edit)

* Lori J. Elvin, photographer (cover photo for Ghost of Colby Drive)

* Matthew Schneider, photographer,

* Arin Murphy-Hiscock, writer and colleague

* Lauren Foster-MacLeod, illustrator (WynterGreene articles)

* Dr. Brendan Cathbad Myers, writer

* Rob St. Martin, storyteller, writer, illustrator

* John David Hickey/JD Hobbes, storyteller, writer

* WynterGreene Pagan Newsletter, Montreal, QC (I am guest copy-editor and published contributor)

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Interests: Walking and Adventuring and hearing about them from children, Freelance Writer and Copy-Editor, Genealogy, Photography, Artist, and loves a good ghost story ! Most of all is laughter... make it a hobby... at least once a day to laugh!

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


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  • Book Two: The Curse of the Moonless Knight
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