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T. M. Mason

Agent: none
Branford, Florida, United States


Home page:

T.M.Mason is the Author of the;

"War Of Storms" series, book one; "Souls Of Chaos",
-ISBN- 14-1371-1251, & book two, "Tears Of Fallen Gods".

Mr. Mason is also the Author of the;

"Dark Fathers Saga", book one, "Ash'gar'Rhath, Lord Of Shadows & Malice". A spin-off from the "War Of Storms" series.

Worlds of war, chaos and darkness ruled by the Lost Gods. A series of dark fantasies, "not!...", for the faint of heart.

Mr. Mason also writes short stories.

His works also include Compilatons of Maunderings in regards to, Theology, Politics (Especially the combining of.), also, History, Phylosophy, Psychology, "The Constitution of The United States", Law, both Criminal and Common/Civil.

Mr. Mason is a firm believer, that the poupulace has been beguiled by the "hair splitting, re-defining", of the common usage of phrase-ology and wordage.

The understanding of the Law, as conceptualized by the Common Man, has been undermined and twisted to Political/Judicial purposes. Removing the Common Man's chances of understanding, not to mention implementing and seeking remedies, for any of the multitude of legal issues which assault those within this country.

Meanwhile!... those arrogant enough to use the Court to destroy our country, the ACLU, Illigal Immigrants, and all those, "attorneys", who defend pediphiles and terrorists. Thrive in their minipulation and usage of our Court systems.

Mr. Mason has also authored several Procedures Manuals on, "Problem Property Management" & "Nuisance Tenancy"

His works can be purchased through any on-line or brick and mortar book sellers. -ISBN- 141-371-1251

Interests: Writing, reading, editing, story-telling, framing houses -(I find it to be a relaxing hobby)-, browsing other Authors sites and just plain living.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • War Of Storms,Souls Of Chaos