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Rahul Roushan

New Delhi, India


Well, I am a TV Journalist and a wanna-be writer. Sometimes I feel I took up a career in Journalism in haste. I was more interested in literature and music. But as they say, Journalism is literature-in-haste, So I made a haste and ended up being a Journalist.
But I don't want to lose the writer in me, in whaterve form and fraction it is there inside me. I don't want to drift far away from literature, and so I write. I write to relieve myself of my intense feelings, to convey my thoughts, to salvage myself in this fast-turning world.
I think this is all I would like to tell about myself for now. If one wants to know more of me, he'll have to wait for my autobiography! Well anything I write is near autobiography, because I write only when I feel.

Interests: Music, Philosophy, Books, and Friends!

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes