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David Wellhauser

Daegu, Korea



I was born and raised in Canada but have spent my adult life, after university, travelling: Europe, Africa, India, Latin American, Asia. In most cases I have been one or more of the following: esl insructor, university professor, editor, proof reader, journalist, itinerant worker, entrepeneur, etc. If I could make enough money to keep travelling I would do it...for the most part.

Education: M.A. (English)

Writers I admire: Shakespeare, Milton, Homer, Blaise Cendrars, Dostoyevski, Turgenev, Baudelaire, Blake, Donne, Laurence Sterne, Alfred Jarry, China Mieville, Carlton Mellick III, Jonathan Carroll, Hemingway, Leonard Cohen, and a list that is far too long to continue.

I have completed a novel (which I am seeking an agent or publisher for) that I would describe as a intellectual thriller (one country's descent into civil war...with some magical realist/psychotic elements) and am working on one that is best described as dark fantasy or magical realism. A synopsis is not possible for this one at the moment.

Interests: Travel, writing, history, science, philosophy, mythology, anthropology, archaeology, investing, single-malt, wine, art, etc.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No