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Lars Holger Holm

117 32 Stockholm, Sweden


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Lars Holger Holm was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Enchanted by the universal language
of music, he began playing the violin at the age of seven. Early in his career he formed the
Swedenborg String Quartet, which extensively toured Europe and the United States. A
fervent student of world literature and philosophy, Lars has also produced a body of
critical essays published in various newspapers and magazines. The writer served as a
music critic to Stockholm’s major newspapers Svenska Dagbladet and Expressen. For
several years he was a well known and popular host of classical music on Stockholm’s
Classic FM .

A list of his published works and translations from French, German and English follows

Latest publications by Lars Holger Holm:

February 2007: Tillsammans är vi svaga - en kritisk granskning av den svenska statsideologin. (Together we are weak - a Critical Survey of the Swedish State Ideology). Language: Swedish. Leo Publishing.

May 2006: Come Snow – A Psychic Thriller
Language: English. Leo Publishing

In September 1939 Dr. Hans Schröder, head of the Sankt-Anna Klinik in Schwarzwald,
Germany, receives an order from Reichsleiter Bouhler and Dr. Karl Brandt to initiate the
so-called Euthanasia Programme, aiming at the elimination of mentally sick and debilitated
individuals within German psychiatric hospitals and sanatoriums. Dr. Schröder, fearing the
far-reaching ethical implications, tries to elude the authorities by only pretending to carry
out orders. His act is discovered. After interrogation at the Gestapo head quarters in the
beginning of 1940, he is sent to the eastern front to serve as a field physician. Following
the battle of Stalingrad he is reported missing in action. In May 1945, however, he
mysteriously reappears in Freiburg-im-Breisgau, visiting his wife, still living together with
their three children in the old house …

Come Snow and other books by Lars can be ordered on-line at: or (click on "Order here")

Other Published Works:

Fawlty Towers – A Worshipper’s Companion, Leo Publishing, 2004
Dionysos – A Sinuous Essay to Divine the Universe, Leo Publishing 2002
Gothic Transformations, Leo Publishing, 2002
The Dream of Ultima Thule – And other Germanic Utopias, Leo Publishing 2002
The Antechamber of Hell, Leo Publishing, 2001
A Writer’s Guide, Ordfront, 2000
Sunset over Babel, Leo Publishing, 1999


C. Baudelaire: Le peintre de la vie moderne. "Det moderna livets målare". Leo Publishing
F. Nietzsche: Jenseits von Gut und Böse. ”Bortom gott och ont”, Symposion, 2002
J. Lantz: La chute de Sophie. ”Sophies fall”, Leo Publishing , 2001
C. Baudelaire: Le spleen de Paris. ”Den ensamme flanören”. Extensive introduction by the
translator. Leo Publishing , 2000
R. Noll:The Jung Cult. ”Jungkulten”, Ordfront, 1997

Interests: Wine, Women and Song, approximately in that order.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Come Snow – A Psychic Thriller
  • Nonfiction

  • Together we are weak - A Critical Survey of the Swedish State Ideology