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Gautama Nathan

Ontario, Cayman Islands


Awaiting the dawn, penned by Dexter Nathan under the pseudonym Gautama Nathan, is a novel set in the backdrop of the ethnic conflict of Sri Lanka.

Dexter Nathan was born in Sri Lanka, the strife torn Island Republic in the southern tip of India. Immersed in the Hindu heritage, brought up in a predominantly Buddhist society, Dexter went through a Catholic School System in his growing up years. He lived in Colombo and had witnessed the horrors of July 1983 racial riots in Sri Lanka.

In the mid eighties Dexter left for Europe, and lived there for four years. In the nineties he immigrated to Canada and worked in the Ontario Court as a civil court room Registrar, while making Toronto his home since then. The authorís unusual and unsettled experiences in life had given him the edge in portraying the foibles, fortitudes, and aspirations of human nature through the characters he had created, in a poignantly moving story. Dealing with the diasporas of two families told from a historic perspective that crosses borders and transcends cultures, Awaiting the dawn, no doubt will become one of a kind in the genre of contemporary literary fiction.

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