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Carla Sofia Lopes Ribeiro

Quinta da Vila Barrac„o
S. Martinho de Mouros, Portugal


Home page:\writers\CarianMoonlight

My name is Carla Sofia Lopes Ribeiro. I’m seventeen years old and I live in Portugal. Whenever you want to talk to me, you can search me in my e-mail: Although it is my biggest dream, I have no book published by now. I have already won some contests, but no one has found me yet and I still searching.
I don’t know well how to talk about me, and I don’t have a big biography, because I am not a famous writer (at least for now), although I’d love to. That’s why I will only speak about my dream and about what I feel when I write.
I began writing when I was fourteen, and I did it because I felt the need to express my feelings. Since then, I felt that I had found exactly what I wanted to do.
Still, I was afraid to show it,because I didn't want to hear that what I had done was worthless, and, for a while, kept it hidden from everyone.
But, one day, I decided to show it to a teacher, who is also a close friend of mine, and I found out that my fear was wrong: he told me my work was good and he encouraged me to continue. He helped more that I could ever imagine someone would and I am really thankful for that.
Since then, I began participating in some contests and I reached the situation in which I am: I’ve won some prizes, but I remain undiscovered.
I know I will never stop writing, because that is the way I found to express my feelings to the world and give my piece of immortality to everyone who wants to read me.

Interests: I write essencialy poetry, short stories and I'm working in my first romance.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No