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Jean-Philippe Vest

Strasbourg, France


In 1978 I was born in a small town lost between
France and Germany. I had to learn both
cultures and languages and whatever I thought at
that time I am proud today to be able to
speak foreign languages. My life was very common
until I realized that I wasn’t born in
the right country. I was different, not like my friends,
not done to fit into the French world. I
will learn later that my mother also felt like me when
she was young. But at that time they
were not many opportunities to travel from on
continent to the other. In 2001 I realized my
and her dream while spending a year at Manchester
College, Indiana. No need to tell
that it was the most exciting experience of my life.
When returning home I couldn’t live,
breath or eat anymore. I felt so empty far from my
American friends. At the end of 2002 I
started a book based on my experience but still
fictional, as if I was idealizing my past. I
like writing and it is as important to me as breathing,
drinking or watching television ! I like
to write about everything : my real life and complete
invented stories. My favorite topic,
due to my studies, is of course Art History from the
17th and 18th Centuries. 2004, I am
about to create a web site to show to the world my
productions. I hope it will be the
beginning of a new adventure for me. Read and
comment my web site :

Interests: Art History and Americans

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Le souffle de Dibutades