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Phoebe Tannenbaum-Ochman

Tampa, Florida, United States


Home page:

Interests: Health, Medicine, Writing, Children

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • "Shedding Pounds Increases Self-confidence and Fitness Level"
  • "Providing Help For Chronic Wounds"
  • Nonfiction

  • "On The Links Again With New Knees"
  • "Intimacy Without Surgery: Treating Erectile Dysfunction"
  • "Bite That Bagel, Chew That Steak"
  • "Lighten Up With Real Food, Real Medicine and Real Results"
  • "Saving Your Skin From Skin Cancer"
  • "Decreasing Anxiety and Pain At The Dentist's Office"
  • "New Advances In Help For Incontinence"
  • "Finding Your Way Out Of The Addiction Cycle"
  • "Turning Back The Hands Of Time With Facial Rejuvenation Surgery"
  • "Eagle Eye Vision With RK Surgery"
  • "Important Facts About Varicose Veins"
  • "Vasectomy Reversal: A Change of Heart"
  • "Solving The Mystery of Facial Pain"
  • "Square Dancer Finds Help For Painful Knees"
  • "Senior Living With Plans and Security For The Future"
  • "Fulfilling Your Needs and Desires In Your Senior Years"
  • "Building The Foundation For Life-long Oral Health"
  • "Award of Excellence Receipt In Our Own Midst"
  • "What Is A Pediatric Dentist?"
  • "Higher Technology With Old-fashioned Service Equals Better Patient Care"
  • "A Team Approach To Cancer Patient Care"
  • "Unfurling Fingers With Duputren's Contracture"
  • "Arthritis and The Hand"
  • "A News Smile At Sweet Sixteen"
  • "Prostatron: The Answer To Many Men's Prayers"
  • "Ending The Agony of TMJ Disorder"
  • "Trigeminal Neuralgia: Resolving Unimaginable Pain"
  • "Correcting Bites For Any Age"
  • "Witness That Smile!"
  • "Stopping A Heart Attack Right In Its Tracks"
  • "Chelation Therapy: An Alternative To Bypass Surgery"
  • "Restoring Quality Of Life With Pain Management"