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Jeff Tuthill

FPO AP, Japan

I am an IT Service professional living in Okinawa, Japan with my wife Mitsuko. I was born and raised in New York and have lived in Virginia, New Hampshire, and California in the U.S. I have become an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa. I am employed as
a Contractor to Department of Defense Dependents Schools in Okinawa, Japan. Iíve participated in International Safety Standards development for the past twenty plus years as a US Technical Advisor. I am the author of articles published in the ISO 9000 Quality Handbook, formally a CEEM Publication. I love to write rhyming verse and tell stories involving fantasy and science fiction.

Literary Works: (1) Home Reckoning - (Science Fiction) Jackson Turmel is a senior citizen, a shakeoff at age sixty-seven. When he turned 55, Jackson was interned into a VR (virtual reality) commune by Cyberpunk authorities. Jackson plans escape from the VR commune using virtual reality to tap into his memories. He frees himself from the commune on the premise of a leave to visit his son in Lowell, Massachusetts using his old solar car, stored at his VR commune. While in route to his hometown Jackson feels that the trip and the virtual jumps into his memory theater create a communion with his past. However, VR jumping does weaken him, bringing him closer and closer to death with each instance until he makes a final jump that brings his past into his present.

(2) Home Reckoning (Screenplay)

(3) Future Past - (Science Fiction) Sequel to Home Reckoning where Jackson Turmel relives his life beginning at age twenty-four after making a final virtual jump into his memory theater. Rather than facing his life knowing all that will occur in his future, Jackson begins to see an alternate memory theater in his dreams. He lives to be a shakeoff and so does his wife Patti and they both are interned into at Free Mind Manner. Their son Jackson Junior becomes a Cyberpunk and is selected to participate in space colonization on the ARC a Cyberpunk Space Station orbiting Mars. The book culminates with Jackson Turmel discovering the reason for his second shot at life and the mystery behind his alternate memory theater. The book contains approximately 59,490 words.

(4) Linga Sharira: Magic of the Child's Spirit - A fantasy involving a young boy and girl's journey into magic during their childhood in a small New Hampshire town. The boy, named Jason Brakham tells the story as recollection in the first person at age seventeen. Through Jason's magic journeys using the ancient book Linga Sharira he discovers the power of his imagination in a fantasy world created through the magic of his child's spirit.

(5) Chuujou - True Heart: A Contemporary Love Fantasy about a middle-aged manís revival from the despair of unemployment, ruined marriage and rising debts. Jesse Trask forms a relationship with an Okinawan woman, Keiko and through his renewed passion for his girlfriend he overcomes his jealousy, hurt and financial problems. Keiko moves in with Jesse and his teenage son and together they try to hold the family together in the face of hardships and a haunting by the ghost of the former homeowner. Jesse unsuccessfully attempts to profit by the existence of the ghost in his house. Jesse obtains a job in Massachusetts that offers him the chance to move to California. He jumps at opportunity and makes the move to San Jose with Keiko leaving the care of his son and the haunted house with his ex-wife. Jesse and Keiko get married within the first year of residence in California, and Jesseís teenage son joins them to complete his High School degree there. The story culminates with both Jesse and Keiko realizing that finding oneís soul mate, by finding your true heart derives a positive life. Length of manuscript Ė 72,210 words.

(6) Gift of a Blue ball: Path of a Yuta in Okinawa - This is a historical fantasy following the life of a yuta(fortuneteller) in Okinawa from childhood to the twilight of her life. Her name is Kameko and she witnesses the horrors of war as a twelve-year-old during the battle of Okinawa. Kameko survives into womanhood with the purpose of locating the thief of the Royal Ryukyu headdress and reclaiming the national treasure for her homeland. By using her gift of sight and ability to communicate with the spiritual world, Kameko labors to recover the crown, a promise that she makes her mother on her deathbed. Following Kameko's quest through the years, the reader discovers the meaning of the gift of the blue ball and the path of a yuta for ninety years. (>70,000 words.)

(7) HALFWAY TO DIFFERENT:A Bicycle Adventrure (Approx 26,000 Words)- (Non-Fiction) A true account of my bicycle trip on the Trans America Bicycle Trail in 1979. Based on my journal from the trek. Halfway to different recounts my 1979 bicycle trip on the Trans America route from Richmond, Virginia to Pittsburg, Kansas; hence the reference to going halfway. By traveling through four and into five of the ten states that makes up the old Bikecentennial route I learned a lot about life in small towns across America and found one commonality; Americans are generally friendly toward strangers. At least that was the nature of our countryís population one quarter of a century ago. Iím not sure if that would be the case today given the climate of suspicion and paranoia about terrorism.
Certainly people made the TransAm trip in 2002, 2003 and doubtless this summer as well, but I suspect the people that cyclists met along the way were a bit less open than when I made the trek in 79. Still there is no better way to see the country and experience attitudes of everyday Americans than touring the U.S. on the saddle of a ten-speed bicycle. I faithfully maintained a journal of my trip, as Iím sure many cyclists did on such occasions and this book details that journal in nine chapters with an Epilogue.
The title of my book came to me while recalling my reason for making the bicycle trip. Actually there were probably several things to motivate me into making this journey, but to simplify, which is something I always strive for, I lumped them into a single incentive; being different. Since I peddled approximately half of the trip before heading back home, I came up with the title; Halfway To Different. The best part of my bicycle trip was seeing the country landscapes surrounding small town America and meeting some of the people who live there. The worse part was probably finding places to sleep after a full day of peddling through mountain back roads.
This book will be of interest and value to those planning a cross-country bicycle trip, as the route that I took still exists and can be obtained by contacting the Adventure Cycling Association in Missoula, Montana. As far as I can tell ACA has kept the TransAm Route current with road conditions and suggestions for campsites, although back in 79 that wasnít always the case. However, when our cycle group could not locate an ACA or Bikecentennial suggested campsite, we resorted to asking locals to recommend accommodations. Like Blanche Dubois from A Streetcar Named Desire we occasionally depended on the kindness of strangers. Surprisingly, that kindness often came in the form of a free meal or a place to stay.
My journal entries that were made from June 11 to July 20, 1979 are duplicated in the text and in the final chapter of the book, or the Epilogue I look back on that trip twenty-five years later. Any ambition I had to finish the cross country trip form Kansas to Oregon are long gone, faded beneath the objectives to provide for my family and raise my son the best I could. Now that I am living in Okinawa, Japan the chances of ever completing that bicycle trek across America have become even more remote. In retrospect I have no regrets. I was glad I made the trip as far as I did; Iím glad that I was able to finally document it in this book and I hope you enjoy reading the story.

In The Works:

(1) Civitas Dei - Third book in the series began by Home Reckoning (Science Fiction). The Rogues on Mars were able to escape the Cyberpunks by making an exodus to the Bobrowsie Galaxy some 18,000 light years away in the southern star constellation called Ara. The exodus was led by the brother and sister team of Peter and Celesta Turmel using their mind controlled spacecraft to send an initial contingent of Rogues to explore and colonize an M class planet, which they christened Civitas Dei.
Celesta Turmel possessed the same abilities as her Grandfather; Jackson Turmel in use of VR Technology and through advanced training techniques grew her mental strengths to the point of manipulation of mass in the real world. Her brother Peter designed and orchestrated the construction of spacecraft the Celesta could power and control psychically. These vehicles became the means of discovery and exploration of Civitas Dei and the ultimate exodus of the rogues from the planet Mars.

Interests: Love to Write Poems, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Supernatural Works. Actively seeking represntation.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes