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D A De Lacy

Agent: Binnacle Press (ireland)
Cork, Ireland


Home page:

I live in Cobh, Co Cork but I was born in England into an Anglo/Irish sea-faring family. Too Irish to be English and too English to be Irish .. A plastic Paddy I believe is my official 'tag' but I don't like the idea of plastic all; so I prefer silver plated or even reconstituted paper pulp would suffice. Whatever I am, I play it safe by not knowing the words to the National anthems of either countries.

However, although and in theory unpublished in the real sense of the word, I lashed out and did it my own way on Lulu. My real, mad, all consuming passion is the Regency period and am having fun with my characters. My work has been likened to Jane Austen on speed and again I am not sure if I like that ... I'm a libra, what on earth do you expect? I also run a free online book promotion website, my site promotes the work of writers from all over the world in a calm, civilised space, space which is free to all hard working writers and poets.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Reprise Series - The Turning Tide and Driftwood