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M.P.Prakash R.Lewis

Madras, India


Home page:

Yahoo: bestnetcraftdotcom

What started as a passion for the technology - computers and electronics has finally coalesced into a career spinning webs on the Net. With a proven ability to analyze, organize, and integrate large amounts of complex, disparate information into clear, concise eminently readable documents helped me on the path to technical writing and thence to technical editing for almost a decade.

Spinning a web involves a complete mix of design, technology and ingenuity. Understanding how to put all the pieces together requires a serious passion for the web in all its facets.

Coupled with flair for hardware and programming spurred me to enter the behind-the-scenes task of system administration and wielding technology to get closer to the Holy Grail – Natural Language Selection Engine. This engine can deliver lucid contents on the fly for any phrase subject to the availability of data. It can parse the phrase using a Natural Language selection and deduce the logical context of the intended words.

I don’t wish to belabor the reader with the technicalities or more details of my eventful path. For the curious can always find the details from my website…

Interests: Computers and almost everything under the Sun.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes