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Scott L.

Agent: agentname
Gilbert, Arizona, United States

There it lies, regaining its breath in the stillness of another night. Its tired innards rest in waiting, only showing it's tattered outward appearance, hiding the imagination that lies within. As the darkness looms throughout the comfortable room, it watches it's owner fumble through that unconscious state known as REM sleep, knowing that it's time is coming soon, very soon. And it relishes the thought.

The it of which I speak is my dishevelled, voluminous idea/dream catching notebook.

Just a glimpse of the motivator behind my newfound career.

Until last year, I had spent much of my somewhat short adult life cultivating stories for the mere pleasure of it; the creative release that it provided. Then came The Silo, my second complete novel. And during it's genesis, the idea hit me in a nonchalant smack upside my blonde head, "this might be good enough to sell. Yes… it might." With that, I have inducted myself into the exciting world of publisher's and agents.

Work to date: The Silo- Complete at 49,000 words and written for the young adult market. It is the story of a boy who stumbles upon an ancient sundial that possesses time altering powers. In doing so, he becomes the would be savior of a man who dwells in an abandon missile silo beneath the boys farm. A man who carries the burden of a thirty one year curse.

I am currently working on the first draft of my third novel entitled Tracks. It is the story of a family curse that takes residence in a soft hearted, soft spoken boy.

On a more personal note, I am a Business Systems Consultant for a large financial firm, and hold a B.S. degree in Communications from Arizona State University. I am married with three kids, and love/live life to the fullest.


Interests: Young Adult fiction, fantasy, sci fi, and dare I say Louis L'Amour.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Silo