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Siam Miller

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Athenaz (Avusy), Switzerland


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I was born in the southern half of the world during times of relative innocence (or are my memories blurred with nostalgia?) with my head upside down and trying to find my roots. I lived like an ostrich for many years not realising that when I finally emerged I might only end up with a big splash of dirt in the face.

I owe my love for writing to my father who taught me how to read before I was even sent to school. From a very early age I recall wonderful poetry and play reading sessions with my father who painstakingly recorded many of our literary exchanges. I started writing at the age of eight (short stories, my journal and lots of poetry). My very first poem was called the “Ladybird”. In that first poem I already express concern for the weak and down trodden. It was the awakening of my social consciousness.

I had a revelation when my father gave me Lawrence Olivier’s “Actors on Acting” for my 10th birthday. I was going to become an actress and a writer.

However due to the conservative and domineering nature of my father I spent over 20 years erring, uncertain about what my true vocation should be. My father (who had also toyed with the idea of acting as a young man) was convinced that the life of an artist was not for his hyper sensitive young girl. He never knew how deep my passion and desire really were until I presented him with my first manuscript.

It never would have happened had I not first left the southern part of the world to venture north in the hope of becoming my own person and finding my northern star to guide me. Nothing is easily gained but I believe that if I continue to follow that one star I shouldn’t be too worried about losing perspective.

My first novel, "The Path" (published by Dorrance) is currently available in selected bookstores in the US and on Amazon.

I am actively seeking an agent and publisher for my second book (copyrighted Summer 2005). It is a hilarious look at how to cope and deal with the cumbersome ex-wife of your husband (based on the author's own experiences).

I am also working on the manuscript of my third non-fiction novel.

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Interests: classical music, African and Contemporary art, theatre, dance, philosophy, psychology

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No