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Inca Vtipil

Agent: Anna Soler-Pont
203 Kritzinger Street, Meyerspark
Pretoria, South Africa


Home page:

After studying various healing modalities and nutritional supplements I started making notes for myself by linking all the information electronically. At that stage I did not realize I was actually busy compiling a book – The ‘Healing Guide’.
After realizing the importance of combining all, I started focusing on 'self-diagnostic' techniques with guidelines of what to eat by looking into aspects such as MSG, body acid, etc.
At the same time I had to deal with severe illnesses where the medical profession believed that crippling surgery was the only solution. This was the toughest and hardest learning process where I had to apply 'my newly found system'. The results were amazing and the learning never stopped. From there the 'Moon Diet' was born.

The revelations I was given to truly understand what is happening to us on a daily basis became the biggest gift of all. Being conscious of the presence of the moon’s energy, the phone will ring and people will ask questions with regard to symptoms they experience. It was amazing to see that the symptoms were all related to the planet's energy emphasized by the current position of the moon.

By following this cycle, we replenish the body with the nutrients that the planet’s energy drains. In other words, our blood forever remains chemically perfect!

Interests: Natural health: Please see my website: Over the 6 years I had amazing results with natural health products and decided to bring this material 'Healing Guide' together to assist people on a journey towards self-empowerment. Ti

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