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muhammad syafiq

Agent: Adicita Grup
Jl. Suwandi Blok C/78 RT 23 RW 8 Samarinda, East Kalima, Indonesia
Samarinda, Indonesia


Home page:

Muhammad Syafiq was born in Kebumen, little town in Central Java, on May 23, 1977. Since he was a child, he have some hobby like reading and especially writing. After move from Kebumen to study in high school in Yogyakarta, his career also on the subject of journalisme. Several time trusted as chief editor and editor in bulletin and school magazine. His articles published by several newspaper and magazine, both local and national. He graduated from Indonesian Communication Academy in Advertising on 2000, and following study at Faculty of Social and Politics in Sebelas Maret University (UNS) in Surakarta.

His obsession with classical music motivated him to opened Beethoven Cafe in 1998. The cafe shop probably is the first and the one and only cafe in Yogyakarta with classical music's atmosphere. Syafiq improved his sense of music by becoming involved in discussions with young local musicians at his now-defunct Beethoven Café The memories at the café remain though and they inspired him to start work on the encyclopedia in November 1999, just a few months before he closed the café. Syafiq launched his book at 1 August 2001 but copies available at stores in March 2003, because he needed to revise it before it goes on sale to the public.

Interests: Ensiklopedia Musik Klasik, the first classical music encyclopedia in Indonesian language, write by Muhammmad Syafiq, a musically illiterate.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes