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Neil Williams

Reading, United Kingdom


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AOL: ferncombe

I am 33 years old an in late 2003, I self-published my firs tchildren's novel, The Duke's Last Wish. This is the first of what I hope will be a series of twelve books starrign a group of children called The Six Bikers.

I have been writing on and off for the last twenty years or so and have completed the above and book two in the series. Books 3-5 are at the very advanced stages of planning and will be written over the next 18 months or so.

I write children's books to try and recreate the carefree childhood I had so that children of today with all the differing social pressures can glimpse a much simpler world; a time when children could just be children and not be forced to grow up too soon. I hope I have succeeded.

Some intial feedback:

"I really enjoyed it! I liked the story and it was exciting to read. A lot of
books have rubbish endings but the Six Bikers had a good ending that
finished it nicely. I'd really like to read the rest of them if they are

"I read it and I couldn't get my nose out of it! I was in suspense most of
the way through because the characters were very believable. It was
clever how it all came together in the end.

[The Six Bikers] was like a better, more interesting version of Famous
Five and Secret Seven. I think my friends would like it, so I'll see if they
want to borrow it!

I enjoyed reading the Six Bikers book, are there any more out? I enjoyed
it because it was like Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider books, there wasn't
a dull page! And if I stopped reading it, I would have to just pick it up
again! In other words, it was one of the best books I've read."

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Interests: Writing, Formula One, Fishing, playing guitar

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:

Children's Literature

  • The Six Bikers in 'The Duke's Last Wish'