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Steven Andersen

Agent: ask for a manuscript today!
White Pigeon, Michigan, United States


Somewhere in the wilds of rural Michigan, there's a young man with a bachelor's degree in marketing and an extra chin who wants to be the next Chris Bunch. And so he set out to write.

He writes, near continuously, while looking for work and watching movies in his tiny home in the country.

He is a tall man, large-framed, who favors the classic look he so enjoyed in college; a t-shirt and jeans, with outerwear dependent on the weather.

He seeks representation, eager to place his novel on the bookstore shelves he searched so fervently to find new authors to read. Someday, he is certain, a sympathetic agent who smells a marketing opportunity like no tomorrow will place him with a publisher and start the wheels rolling.

He sometimes wonder why he speaks in the third person occasionally, and wonders further if it's an early sign of senility.

Then he remembers he's twenty four, and changes the subject.

Interests: I'm an inveterate science fiction fan and movie buff. Some of my favorite authors include the legendary William Dietz (whose earlier stuff was better than the later stuff), Bruce Bethke (whose only ORIGINAL stuff was his early stuff...come on Bruce, you

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes