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Rob Knowles

Agent: none

Port Alfred, South Africa


When I read of the desperately unhappy childhoods seemingly experienced by writers, I feel somewhat under-qualified. I wonder if this is what they draw upon for inspiration. My childhood, for the most part, was a happy one. My parents supported me in most things, although they drew the line when I began stealing money from them...

My upbringing in Liverpool was religiously non-partisan, and I was left to discover my own God in my own time. Needless to say, such liberty was wasted, as I ended-up virtually eating the alter rails of our local church. Most thought I would take the cloth but, around my 16th birthday, I began to question everything.

And I'm still questioning. I have lived in South Africa for almost 30 years now. I am a mechanical engineer with a computer science degree, up-to-date with technology from an industry perspective, even though I gave up that life almost 10 years ago. I now work as a journo for a local newspaper. Despite this, just staring at an old photograph, imagining the time in which it was taken, allows my imagination to run wild.

I wonder how people can question that there are "more things in Heaven and Earth", when our view of the universe gets more bizarre by the day. I believe that our spiritual side is neglected by science, and that religion is an excuse to allow others to do our thinking for us.

I write of where we might have come from as well as the direction we could be heading in. My first published novel, Fractured Time, was released in March 2011, over a year later than the date I received my acceptance letter.

The road to being an author takes time, patience, experience and talent, but most of all it requires tenacity and self belief. Furtunately, my ego is the size of a small planet (I'm thinking, Jupiter). Everyone should write, even if only a very small percentage ever get published. I know that, as far as the path I have taken, my journey is just beginning.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Fractured Time