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Robert Swanepoel

Manchester, United Kingdom


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R. Eric Swanepoel (author of "Saving the World and Being Happy")

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Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, I grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Pretoria, South Africa.

I returned to the UK in 1987 after obtaining my veterinary degree at the University of Pretoria. Between stints of vetting throughout the UK, I obtained an MSc in Ecology and a PhD studying bats (from the University of Aberdeen).

While in Aberdeen, I joined the Lemon Tree Writers, then led by Todd McEwen, and was fortunate to meet some very talented people. Not finding science as fulfilling as I had imagined, I headed off to Paris to improve my French and write, a life-long passion of mine. I also joined a left-wing political party, did some translation for them, and advanced my knowledge of politics. Although I had many short stories and poems published in literary magazines (read some examples here: I didn't earn any money from writing, alas, and continued vetting intermittently.

Still keen to get an income from something more in accord with my interests and outlook on life, I returned to Aberdeen and founded a local music magazine. Although it achieved a certain following it also failed to earn me enough money to live on. I moved to Manchester, England, to work for a year as a vet again.

I gave up being a vet on 31 December 2002 to attempt (once again, sigh!) to make my living from more creative activities. I sat a medical writing assessment for Thomson Gardiner-Caldwell and was told my work was of the required standard but that they didn't have any jobs at the time. I obtained (with merit) a certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages at the Manchester Academy of English, and, believe me, Iíve never worked harder in my life than during that month!

I now live in West Didsbury, Manchester, and do some English teaching and the odd veterinary locum while awaiting the appearance of my novel, "Saving the World and Being Happy (The Computer Ager)", which was largely written when I lived in Paris but was partly inspired by art in galleries in Aberdeen and Manchester. I recently reviewed the "Disguise" exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery for Flux Magazine (

I am very keen to undertake writing and research commissions. I produce error-free copy and meet deadlines. You pay only if satisfied. If this interests you please go here for more information:

Interests: music (esp. Scottish traditional music, play the bodhran, fiddle and guitar), art, science (hold doctorate in biological science and am registered veterinarian), literature, maintaining my French, politics

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Saving the World and Being Happy (The Computer Ager)
  • Nonfiction

  • Energetic effects of sublethal exposure to lindane on pipistrelle bats