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Newell Helle

Agent: Lynxx Group
Wasilla, Alaska, United States


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Did you know?

I once got left by the bus my first day in kindergarten.
I once captured third place in a body building championship (there were only three in my weight division).
I once taught myself how to play the guitar, banjo, and piano.
I once played a concert at Compadre Stadium in Arizona (to a crowd of less than a hundred).
I once sang "The Grinch" in the halls of Houston High School (a bigger audience than Compadre Stadium).
I once proposed to my wife on a gondola.
I once shot a 77 on a par 72 golf course (with three provisional strokes).
I once listened to the top forty hits on a remote beach in the Bering Sea.
I once caught a 100 pound halibut (so did my dad, he had his hook in the same fish).
I once drove the Alcan Highway (and only broke down twice).
I once watched Danny White quarterback at ASU (when I was very, very, very young).
I once survived 122 degrees in Arizona, -40 degrees in Alaska, and a 6.5 earthquake.
I once broke both hands and a foot.
I once owned every make of pick-up except Dodge and Mazda (at different times).
I once watched "Roger Rabbit" with Bob'R and Ladmo (yes, it was a big deal to me).
I once fell off a horse into a cactus.
I once took a ballet class.
I once had the name Suzie Ann.
I once wrote a book and had it published (please purchase a copy if you have not) - Relative by: N. Scott Helle.

Interests: The youth of America, guitar, banjo, piano, horses, dogs, my wife, God/Jesus, friends,teaching, oh yeah, writing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


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  • Relative