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Dominic Hurst

London, United Kingdom


In September 2002 I made a big decision. I had spent six years studying immunology and dentistry, and then another three years treating lovely folk in a dental practice in Berkshire where I lived on a canal boat. One night the boat blew up with me in it. I survived with superficial burns but decided my days were numbered and that really I had better do something about what I loved doing most. Writing. I quit dentisty and have been developing my writing craft since.
I jumped in at the deep end and wrote a 70,000 word novel in draft about a man coming to terms with his mother's lifelong deceit and ultimately, her hatred of him. I then returned to my boat to refit it after the winter of 2002/3 had passed and wrote a number of short stories and then a couple of plays. It is the latter which I am currently developing.
I feel very strongly about many political and social issues which I try to build into my work in a way that will engage others in the processes I am contemplating. For example, the improvement and protection of open, liberal, democracy in the UK, cross-cultural interaction and understanding, and the need of Europe to work together to balance the current imbalance in World Politics.

Interests: Drama - especially political Prose - short stories, novel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Flowers, Doctors, Tears