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Hannah Dela Cruz

Makati City, Philippines


If you look at me, you can say that I'm one of those ordinary humans. Humans that do nothing except to wake up, work, eat, and sleep. But there something more that meets the eye.

I am extraordinary yet ordinary. Extraordinary because I do not do the same human routines. I write and I have a world of magic of my own. Ordinary because no matter how you look at me I'm still a human who needs to eat and sleep. I draw, I am an artist yet not an artist. I am an artist because I draw. I have my own way of expressing myself through art. Still, I'm not an artist. I can't be as great as Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci. But I can be the greatest of myself. I write, I am a writer yet not a writer. I'm a writer because I write. I write prose and poetry and can turn them to life. Still, I'm not a writer to compare to Shakespeare.

If you add all of this, you'll see that I'm just an ordinary girl, still studying at school. But one thing that makes me different is this. I am a dreamer and because of this I can be anybody. I can be the greatest of all writers, because I dream. And this dream is what I am about.

Interests: I like to dream. Most of my life is made up of dreams. From this dreams came my stories. With my dreams, I made each of my stories come true. I do not write to make a living, I write because writing is a part of me.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No