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Asfi Kay

Singapore, Singapore


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I'm a 23 year old partisan of purple prose, who usually writes poems without purport, though I have been know to permutate my proses into lofty lyrics and stanzas for songs.

I have written a few articles and short stories, mainly about life, not mine but life in general. Who cares about my life? Anyway, I've also a few short stories for young adults, (that's right, I do romance too), some Singapore-flavoured short ghost stories, and some wierd stories that I can't really categorise. Do send me an e-mail if you require more information of me.

Wanna read some of my poems? visit my poetry page at

I've got online ramblings too..

I am currently working on a novel, and whoah is it tedious. I will post some of my works soon, when I get them transferred to soft-copy. I prefer to do my writing the way the ancient bards of the days of yore did. By hand.

Essentially, I think of myself as a modern bard. I write stories, I tell stories, I sing cradling not a lute, but a guitar. And yes, I do sing stories.

I am currently on the lookout for an agent to help me publish some of my works. But I guess that won't be possible till I get some of my writings up.

Writing is all about expressing oneself and reaching out to the masses. It all just clicks. That is the reason why I write. Poems, songs, stories, articles. I do 'em all. Maybe even a few reviews.

Want to ask me to write something? Make the topic a general one, one that reaches out and touches the masses, one that really affects the lady walking down the street, singing do-da-dee-dee, and maybe, just maybe, I'll write it for you for free. How about that?

Interests: Music, Arts, Cycling, Silat, Aikido, Kendo, Phenomenons, Wierd Inventions, Conspiracy Theories, The Opposite Sex, Philosophy, Life, Reading, Writing (duh~), yada yada yada..

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


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  • How's Life?