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Jean C. Fisher

Cloverdale, California, United States


Published Works:


ATriad Press, Jefferson TX:
"Haunted Encounters" (Anthology)
Stories: 2003 "A True, Personal Encounter"
2004 "Felix the Ghost Cat"
Coming 2007: "The 'Hainted' House of the Ozarks"
"Real Stories of Spirit Communications", edited by Angela Hoy, 2004, "Felix the Cat"

Avocado Press Limited (AUS, NZ, UK & CAN):
"Animals are Smarter Than Jack", compiled by Jenny Campbell & Lisa Richardson, 2005, "The Worldwide Horse/Goat Alliance".

Spring 2005: "California Wild" magazine, The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, article "The Hawk & the Goldfinch".

Autumn 2005: "Rural Heritage Magazine", "Alpha Horses".

Spring 2006: "GreenPrints", "Faces in the Flowers".

August/September 2006: "Birds & Blooms", "David & Goliath" ("Bird Tales" department)

"To Kim (Wherever He May Be)and to the Ripples He Created...", September 2006
"Who Woulda Thunk It?", June 2006's Paranormal Website (Host: Stephen Wagner)
Six Stories:
"Message from Nanny", May 2002
"Felix the Ghost Cat", July 2002
"The Great Library of Incarnations" (Story of the Month), Oct. 2002
"Brahma's World", March 2003
"The Ghost of Mr. Franchetti", Jan. 2004
"The Little Old Ghost of Party House", Jan. 2004

"A Long Story Short" (women writers' site):
Sept. 2004: Chapter: "Actually... It's a Vine" (excerpt from unpub. manuscript "Diary of a Plant Activist")
Dec. 2004: "The Little Bow" (seasonal short story) & "Would That Which We Call Music?" (humorous essay)
May, 2005: "Greyhound Angel Cowboy" (fiction short-story)
August, 2005: "The Four Most Important Lessons in Life" (humor)
December 2005: "The Little Christmas Tree"

Apollo's Lyre: (poetry)
August 2004: "Slapstick" and "Poetry"
August 2005: "For My Moonchild, Karma"

January, 2005:
TV Interview, "Lets Talk Paranormal", Host: Tracie Austin Peters - clip at:

May, 2005: "The Drama Just Outside My Window", "The Front Porch" syndicated (OH, MO, GA).

"The ApplePress", the Western Sonoma County Historical Society's monthly newsletter, various/numerous articles from 2001-2004.

TV: Jan. 2005, interviewed as guest by Tracie Austin-Peters on her cable show "Let's Talk... Paranormal".
FILM: "Sensitive", 2004: Served as psychic detective consultant to the director, Dan Schaffer (film shown in several amateur film festivals throughout the Northeast U.S.).

An aging "flowerchild", I live in Northern California (where I do freelance writing on and from my computer)
with my husband and my black cat, Plunkett. I am bilingual in English and Spanish, have traveled extensively all over Mexico and love to study the ancient cultures of the Americas and elsewhere. I also play a mean hand of Spades. ;^)

Interests: Former Co-President, Western Sonoma County Historical Society. Past Co-Chair, Luther Burbank's Gold Ridge Farm Advisory Committee (an historic site). My interests include: horticulture, history & hauntings.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • "The Little Christmas Bow"
  • "Greyhound Angel Cowboy"
  • Nonfiction

  • "Actually... It's a Vine"
  • "The 'Hainted' House of the Ozarks"
  • "The Drama Goes On -- Just Outside My Window"
  • "My Father's Treasure"
  • "The Ghost of Mr. Franchietti"
  • "The Great Library of Incarnations"
  • "Brahma's World"
  • "Faces in the Flowers"
  • Alpha Horses
  • "Message from Nanny"
  • David & Goliath
  • "Haunted Encounters: Departed Pets"
  • "Animals Are Smarter Than Jack"
  • Who Woulda Thunk It?
  • To Kim (Wherever He May Be) and to the Ripples He Created...
  • "My True, Personal Encounter"
  • "Real Stories of Spirit Communications"
  • "The Hawk and the Goldfinch"
  • "Faces in the Flowers"
  • "The Little, Old Ghost of Party House"
  • Poetry

  • "Slapstick" & "Poetry"
  • "For My Moonchild, Karma"
  • Children's Literature

  • The Little Christmas Tree
  • Other

  • Four of the Most Important Lessons in Life
  • "Would That Which We Call Music By Any Other Name...?"
  • TV Interview