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Mihad Ali

Melbourne, Australia


Well, where to begin, do I even have a story to tell, HA!
I have a new poetry book out titled ME, to take a look just go to

I started writing at a young age, bits and pieces and was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in 2003.

I have just published my first book titled Questions.It is available on all online retail, amazon worldwide ( USA, canada, germany, china, japan, spain,etc), Barnes & Noble, Chapters and Borders (all in the USA) Bertrams in the UK.

Here is a preview:


Even though they were not directly involved in helping me with this book, they taught me the English language well. As they will see, some things never stuck.
Thank You to the teachers all over the world, those who taught me personally and those who teach everyone else.

The greatest gift is not giving to yourself but giving yourself to others.

Thank you to the people who gave me courage when no one else did. Miss.Caren Rimmer and the numerous interviews of the persons in the public eye whose answers I read, I thought about and adored.

To all the people on and at for helping me out, providing me with lots of choices in situations where I had felt I couldn’t get out off, you all know who you are.

A big thank you to Tony, Kim, John and Marie for the long talks.

Thank You to Max Barallon from Grendaz and the other individuals for all the chats and driving me around. Thanks in advance to all who will read this book.
Much love Mad.


I called the book Questions because I believe that in order to heal and truly live one has to ask questions, no matter how big or small, insightful or silly the question may seem to the other people on the receiving end. The link between the title of the book and the photo of the waterfall is I feel that both water and asking questions are infinite: they never end. They can also be recycled: to make new clean water and to make new questions.

I did not want to put names on my poems, as I wanted you the reader to feel them for yourselves and come up with your own meaning of what I have written. However, I changed my mind as I thought about it simply because all the titles are only MY opinions and MY choices.

The book is a timeline of sorts for all to see my journey from a teenager to a young adult now at 20. These past 3 and a half years have been a ride I will never forget. I have finally realized that no one is going to make my life for me. I have to start my own even if it is in secret. No matter how many times anyone tells you to do something if it does not feel right: forget it.

It is true in cases, that parents know best but one also has to see it with their own eyes to believe it regardless of time, of anything really.
It is sad to see kids fighting with their parents/guardians over “little” things, I am not any different.

I am calling it little because of the comparison with individuals who do not have food, a bed, people to take care of them or the medication they need. We as humans who live under the banners of the “free” world have not struggled nor lived until we are in those people’s shoes. Everything else is minute.


I was walking around today, July 25 and I realized that we all need each other. As entertainers, we need lawyers, bus drivers, doctors, garbage men/women and accountants to help us with want we cannot do and in turn, they need us to help entertain them. It is a give and take process, as is life and as are relationships.


This started out as a book of my poems and thoughts but has become a book to try to heal.

One is only free when they have the CHOICE

To follow my aching heart or not
That is what I want to know.
Should I catch a plane overseas
Or stay here, never to be heard or seen?
This is what I want to know.
I've left my heart, my soul and my life
Should I forget it and return to God?

Crystal clear exclamation
Falling from the sky.
Into a palette of
blinding color.
Is it there time to say goodbye?
Time to say goodbye
They don’t belong there anymore
Screaming as they fall down.
When they meet it will be
At the Love God’s door.

Many individuals say that
great writers whether we are
poets, novelists, journalists,
or songwriters have one thing in common.
To some degree, we all seek the truth
we are all philosophers, philosophers
of ourselves, of the world around us,
whether that is our immediate space
or elsewhere...
Take it and reach for the stars here and there
Up and down, left and right
Stand up on the table and look at the glorious sight.
Sight of being able to read people, all the time, night and day
Finally, when we come back down, we can all say....
Owning ourselves and helping others own theirs is always
the direction to sway.

Part 3 "lyrics"

These next 6 sets of words were for an artist’s album but they were not used so here they are in print. In all honesty, my writing style differs greatly than that of the “formula” for writing a song. I tend to be very 1+1=3, if you understand what that means and I was advised that the successful path to a song had to be very 1+1=2. Anyway I am not going to bother you with details but, the “songs” in my opinion are not very good.
Songwriting in this form is out the door for me I suppose.


Be influenced only by you

That in a nutshell is my writing experience.

As for my love and passion for writing/art period, it stems from a lot of things in my life, it i feel is a way of letting things go to a piece of paper, where no one can hear u. It is a very theraputic feeling, as for painting I get sick of writing sometimes (ok, Kill me). I like to visualize my pain hence why I write.

Interests: Music, painting, cooking etc.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • ME
  • Questions
  • Angel