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Paula Bierman

Agent: Not yet
1 Viljoen Street
Grootvlei, Mpumalanga, South Africa


Home page:

This extraordinary book, the first-and-only-of-its-kind-explanatory-dictionary for computing in totality has just been released. It is compiled for EVERY computer USER regardless age, degree of experience or advanced stage. It is a masterpiece and there are only 2 reasons why somebody should not buy it: 1) they don't have a computer; or 2) they know all the answers. The compilation derived from: firstly because I couldn't find a book like this anywhere in the world; secondly from studies, research, experience, own hard & expensive lessons; and really because when it comes to the push you have to help yourself. Besides, even I cannot remember hundreds of thousand of facts ... especially not high tech info.

CompeX Explanatory Dictionary : Computing (ISBN 1-59344-030-8) Homepage:
the contents being: comprehensive explanations and extensive coverage on computing technologies, terms, concepts and components such as protocol, caching, cookies, encryption, hacker attacks, Internet, Extranet, Intranet, Ethernet, URLs, glossary, DNS, bandwidth, cabling, diagnostic tools, ports, connections, errors, file types, syntax, IP addressing, languages, servers, scripts, firewalls, spam, virus protection, compression, algorithm, plug-ins, subnet masks, topologies, coding, daemon, troubleshooting, storage, and more.

Interests: Computing in totality and the comprehensive explanations /definitions of the concepts, terms, components and technologies.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No