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Barbara Anna Marjanovic

Agent: None
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Home page:

I've been writing short stories and many attempted novels since I was a child--I had the love of books throughout my whole life. I cherish books, and currently collect antiquarian literature as a hobby.

I graduated from University with a Business Degree majoring in Accounting. This never satisfied me wholly. I wanted to pursue writing. I loved it. When I wrote stories, novels, etc. I felt complete. One day, after struggling with the pen and paper, getting many rejections from publishers and coming close on placing in some short story contests, I said, "Why don't I try self-publishing and get familiar with the industry." I published 2 novels through iUniverse and have one more in the midst of production.

I've published a short-story collection with, aptly named "Collection". This is the one I used to test the waters out, understand what I had to do and figure out where I wanted to concentrate. I love horror novels, gothic novels as well as suspense. Through this experimentation, I decided to work within these areas. My first full-length novel, "Pawn" was a learning experience. The full process of copyediting, re-hashing the body--it was simply amazing! I had the most satisfaction doing the process from start to finish. To see the final product of all your time and effort come together in this one 226 page softcover book blew me away.

My next publishing venture is a second collection of horror stories; you guessed it, its called "Collection II". I put it in publication in December, hoping to have it out in January. Unfortunately with the editing process going on, it's taking a bit longer. February 2005 looks to be more hopeful. I'll be looking for reviewers on this one as soon as I get copies in hand.

There are two other projects I'm currently working on. By "projects" I mean Novels. With a sketch of an ending in my head, and some more twists and turns in my mind, I believe they will bring the unexpected out into the audience. I hope to have at least one of them completed by the summer and published before Christmas 2005. The other one: I believe I will have it out the next year after and I have plans for a sequel to Pawn, as well as a few other novels brewing in my head. Quality not quantity is what I am pushing for.

I believe in excellence in all you do, and I put this excellence and quality into all of my work. My goal is to write outstanding books--books that people will read because they are just that--outstanding. With each new novel I publish, I hope to bring to the audience a well-written, well-thought out plot, which keeps the reader at the edge of their seats or screaming for terror--or just happy with the book from beginning to end.

Other information about me: I'm completing my certification for Management Accounting. I am very ambitious. I figured; "I started it, might as well finish it". Quite a different flair, I would say--accounting, fiction writing--why? Because I am an individual that loves a challenge. I work on my weaknesses so that I may grow stronger. This attitude is what I put through in my writing, and in my life. I believe in constructive criticism, and growing and learning.

I dabbled in Anthropology and Archaeology in University--I have a good six courses behind me in these fields, plus some other Information Systems courses.

Now, I continue on with growing and learning...

Interests: Besides writing, travel, Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Art (Collection and drawing)--I delve in many things.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Pawn: A Novel
  • Collection
  • Collection II