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Barbara Cueter

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Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States


Barbara Cueter was born in Tennessee, but today divides her time between a cabin in northern Michigan and a ranch home in Arizona. She left her financial services career to concentrate on her writing.

In her debut novel, Sand Against the Wind, a meticulously researched historical saga and timeless expose of real life events, Barbara fashions characters that are credible, dimensional, and unforgettable, and takes us on a roller coaster ride through seven tumultuous decades of the twentieth century from rural to urban America. Barbara was chiefly concerned with the impact the Depression and World War II had upon families caught up in those disruptive decades. She introduces Millard, a pragmatic farmer livinig in the past, and Nettie, a precocious teenager charting her future. Both are caught in the present. Their impasse may cost them everything they hold dear.

Barbara analyzed her characters with sublety, and created a book that is at once marvelously simple and amazingly complex. She executes the portrait of a young couple caught up in circumstances beyond their control and thrust into a territory where life unfolds with a vengeance. While on the surface the main thrust of the story appears to be the relationship beteen Millard and Nettie, the underlying, truly poignant aspect of the story is about what happens to the children when the mother marries a man she does not love or denies loving. This non-committal type of maternal love is a heart breaker. The uncaring pattern develops early in the mother, and the children feel a basic lack of love that pervades their lives.

Interests: Family, writing, travel, finance, politics.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Sand Against the Wind