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Monica de Camargo Coutinho

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


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ICQ: 6431564

Literary curriculum of Monica de Camargo Coutinho

Bachelor in Letters, by PUC MG

Member of the Academia Municipalist of Letters, chair number 271, tends as patron Carlos Drummond of Andrade.


Plot of the Program "You Decide", of the Net Globe Television, with the story "Francis", of the book the “Life of All of Us”, generated the largest number of phone calls that the program already had from its release, on the 16/10/1997.

Participation in the Fair of Childish Books of Bologna, Italy, with the book Kika´s Diary, one of the most important fairs of childish books, of the world, in 1998.

Section of Autographs in Panamericana Fair ofe Books, with the books Daily of Kika (by Format Editorial) and Everything children thinks and Talk!… (Printed by Paulinas), in the Shopping Diamond Mall, Belo Horizonte 1998, breaking the record of sales in fairs of books.

Section of Autographs in the International Art exhibition of the Book of Rio de Janeiro, with the books Daily of Kika, Everything children thinks and Talk!… , and Heart of Adolescent, 1999.
Selection for "Corner of the Reading" Kika´s Diary, for the General office of State of the Culture of Minas Gerais - adopted in all of municipal schools of Belo Horizonte, cities of the interior and in other states - 1997 to 2.003.

Homage in the Projeto Mineiros Nowadays. First and only woman to be honored in this event that detaches the artists and writers alive, with right of exhibition of her work and biography, during one month (1997).

Adoption and Section of Autographs in Private Schools (1998, 1999, 2.000, 2.001), I liberate “Everything Children thinks and Talk!…” - in Belo Horizonte, with the author's unpublished fact to take the two main characters to autograph the book with her.

Participation in several collegiate fairs with the books “Daily of Kika”, “Everything children thinks and Talk!..” and a Teenager Heart, in 1999, 2.000 and 2.001, including “Soccer of Dogs” there, published in May, that was thrown officially on November 28, 2.000, for the Publisher Armazem de Ideias. The book was written in partnership with Bianca Cantoni Coutinho, 8 years old.

Participation in the Project Always A Crop, for debate and release of the book “Teenager Heart”, on March 1, 2000, in the Palace of the Arts. And release of the same in the Center of Reference of the Teacher, General office of Education, June 6. Participation and release of the book in the Fair of Book of the Colegio Logosofico, in June 23, 2.000

Other literary recognitions

Prize Joao de Barro (Childish Literature) – with the book “Diary of Kika” - one of the most important national contests, sponsored by the Municipal City hall of Belo Horizonte - 1993.

X Permanent Contest of Stories of Jacarezinho, PR story “Wedding anniversaries of Silver” 1995.
Contest of Contos Cidade of Divinopolis, MG with the short story “Lives the Love!” 1996

Contest Peregrino Junior of the Brazilian Union of Writers, RJ with the book “Digressions”, Unpublished category 1998, already published.

Contest of Literature of the Academy of Letters and Sciences of São Lourenço, MG, with the books: For All of the Roads (category short stories) and “Everything children thinks and Talk!” (childish category) 1997.

Diplome of Honor to the Merit for the group of published works, for the Academy of Letters and Sciences of Saint Lourenco 1998.

Prize “National City of Belo Horizonte” with the book unpublished “Inoxidable Heart” (category shortStory) 1998. Already published.

Contest of Stories of the State of Paraná, with the story “Firebrand”, 1999.

Contest Lima Barreto, for the Brazilian Union of Writers, RJ – with the book “Teenager Heart, 2.000, written in partnership with Camila Cantoni Coutinho, to the 14 years old.

Pryze National of short stories of Paraná, with the story “Back to the future”, in 2.000.

Contest Alfredo Marques of Gois, with the story “Brazilian Homero” 2.000, for the Academia Municipalista of Letters of MG, published in collection with other winning stories.

Contest Adolfo Aizen, infantile literature, with the unpublished book “The tennis balls catcher”of Balls. 2001.

Participation in the Mining Fair of the Book, in 2.001 for 4 publishers: Formato Editorial (Diary of Kika), Ed. Paulinas (Everything children thinks and Talk!..) Alis (Teenager Heart), Armazem de Ideias (Soccer of Dogs) - the first 3 are already winning (2.000).

Participation in the Retrato Falado, of Fantastic Program, of the Net Globe Television, played by Denise Fraga, on July 15, 2.001, with the theme every “Damsel Has A Father that is A Wild animal”.

Participation in the Mining Fair of the Book, in 2.002, with the book Memoirs of the Hell.

Favored with the Premio Alfredo Marques of Góis, with the story “The Spirit”, in June of 2.002, for the Academia Municipalista of Letters.

It is always invited by SESC (MG) to talk with the children, on their cchildish books.

Lecture for teachers and students in Institute of Education of Belo Horizonte, in October 20, of 2.003, talking about life and plays, and always.

23 works in Several Categories

Moments (Poetries and Chronicles) - 1988
Open doors (Poetries and short s tories) - 1989
Pieces of Life (short stories and Diary) - 1990 - winning
Love for Two (romance) - 1991
Souls in Parade (short stories) - 1992
Believe if you Want (shor stories) - 1993
Disfigured thoughts (Parody) 1994
The Life of All of Us (Stories) - 1994
The Moments Continue (Poetic Collection) - 1994
Impressions of Apprentice (sshort stories) - 1995
For All of the Roads (short stories) – 1996 - Sao Lourenco City Prize Prize.
Diary of Kika (childish book) 1997 Joao de Barro Prize.
Everything children thinks and Talk!.. (childish book) 1998 – Sao Lourenco City Prize
A Teenager Heart – Alis Editora – MG – 1999 – Romance – Lima Barreto Prize.
Digressions (short stories) 1999 – Peregrino Junior Prize.
Nonsense (Comic Varieties) 1999.
The Adventures of A Small Orphan (childish book) - 1999
Soccer of Dogs (childish one) 2.000
Album of Family - 2.001
Crazy and Swept (short stories) 2.001
The Small World of Kika (childish book) 2.001
Memoirs of the Hell (teenager book) 2.002 thrown on August 13, in the Third Fair of the Book, in the Serraria Souza Pinto. (Prime Alfredo Marques de Gois - 2.003)
Inoxidable Heart: 2.003 - Cidade Belo Horizonte Prize 1998.
Crazy and Swept ( short stories) - 2.003


The Cat Without Boots (childish) 1996
Roots of the Past (Romance) -1997
Cocktail of Thoughts (varieties) - 1998
Messages to God (children's requests) 1999

The Harvester of Balls (infanto-juvenile) (2.000) Adolfo Aizen de Lima Prize.
Comic varieties - (2.000)
Jokes of Living room - (2.000)
Bird's Nest (childish book) 2.001
The Rescue Ant (childish book) 2.001
To Reflect - 2.001
Among Two Loves - (2.001)

Books in process:
Emotion Cocktail
Live the Love! (all of sshort stories).
Crazy and Swept volume 2

Interests: Literature

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No