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Devdas Kusum

Editor -, PO BOX # 8828
Mumbai - 400074, India


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Were REKHA & RAKESH ROSHAN mere puppets in the hands of DESTINY ? -- Devdas " Kusum "
25 th March 1981 a real life incident at the shooting of " MADHURI " the FILM.
A Reaction of a Journalist friend.....
Compelling a renowned & famous Journalist and Press Photographer Devdas "Kusum " known for his friendly heartwarming behaviour towards one and all to literally kill his professional self by Rekha - the Actress of Film "MADHURI " supported by the then upcoming Actor, Rakesh Roshan. http://
But, my inner self still insists that it was " DESTINY " and that REKHA & RAAKESH ROSHAN were mere puppets in its hands.

It was my peak time then.
Nationally, Internationally my written Articles & Photographs were being published regularly in every known publication in every language.

PRO of Film "MADHURI " invited me to shoot the film stars Rekha and Raakesh Roshan at Madh island, Mumbai ,India and he came along with me in my car to the location.

Earlier on various different locations and at different dates, days and times I had shot Photographs of Rekha.Quite a few of them had already appeared with credit to me in reputed publications of that time.

I was visualizing inside as to how best I would bring her out in Photographs at that location.

Continuously for many hours I had clicked lot of Photographs of Rekha and Raakesh Roshan. We also had lunch togather during break time, when all of a sudden....

Rekha mysteriously changed her mood called me in front of all those present angrily and said " DEVDAS ! ,GIVE ME THE COLOUR ROLL FROM YOUR CAMERA NOW..."

Shocked the people present around a few of them regular and permanent staff of the Film Industry, tried to pacify Rekha to continue the shooting but she became adamant and stopped all activities.

Watching this Raakesh Roshan came to me, put his hand on my shoulder taking me aside in a corner pleaded, " Devdas, my future is at stake. I have two more films coming up with Rekha which could make my career.I do not have any other assignments with any other top heroine.If she is displeased my future ends here. "

Hearing Raakesh Roshan I simply opened my Camera handed over the Colour Roll to him without uttering any word. He gave it to Rekha who seemed to derive immense sadiastic pleasure in throwing my hard work into the Madh River waters.

Seeing all this all people around said lot of nasty things about Rekha..But my mind reminded me that it was all 'DESTINED " AND that REKHA & RAAKESH ROSHAN were pre-assigned by its hands.

Although I accepted all this as part and parcel of life, yet this did not bring any comfort to my mind. I felt horribly depressed.

In that depressed state of my mind while driving back home I threw my expensive Camera and Accessories to the Madh River (Sea) as well and walked out completely robbed of everything.

That depressed state of mind created a blank mental state of mind in me making me completely aloof from all kinds of work, creativity and activity.Besides forcing me to keep away from even known friends and relations.

The then famous publications including " MAYAPURI", "SHAMA", "SUSHMA", "FILM FARE", " FREE PRESS JOURNAL ", "CHITRALOK ", "CHITRAPAT" AND various other renowened magazines, journals had carried the news of this incident at the shooting of film "MADHURI" and had expressed " REGRET " at the unprofessional conduct of Rekha.

"MADHURI " a Times of India publication's Editor-in-chief, Shri Vinod Tiwari had written me an unforgettable as well as a unique letter on 30th March, 1981 about this incident at the film "MADHURI's shooting ...anyway........

I have many more mails from the bigwigs of the film industry & Journalism than besides cuttings of various known publications that had mentioned this "MADHURI" incident in prominent pages.

I am 66 years old (Born on 3rd of February,1938) and my only "Treasure" today is " My work".The results of continuous releases of my Photographs, Articles in all over national and international publications in English and all regional languages that I cherish and hold as my "Lifetime Memories " !

Incidentally my first article appeared when I was just " 12 years " old. After which I did not look back to become a renowned Journalist and Press Photographer marching forward in full gear, happiness, success and support but the incident of 25th March, 1981 put full brakes to it and ended it all unceremoniuously.

After this" Unforgettable Harrowing Incident " I have lived a Lonely Depressed Listless, Eventless, Aimless,life for years lost and forgotton. My creativity, activity, dreams, aspiritions, inspirations spread as ashes on the path I tread today.

Great Shree Amitabh Bachhan Ji had cared and looked after Respectable Shree Harivansh Rai Bachhan Ji, for years helping him tide over his day to day living.

Similarly my children have continuously cared and looked after me helping me tide over my day to day problems.

Helping me retain my sanity, my entity.

Keeping Devdas "Kusum" alive for the world.Waiting for the day when their father will once again be in the limelight of the World of Journalism and Press Photography. (

While accepting " FILMFARE" Awards for the first time in his career Raakesh Roshan had said with a heavy heart that , "Bhagwan ke Ghar Der hai Par Andher Nahin".

Will God look at me.......?

Please enlighten me, guide me, show me the way I should travel; to reach the same glory, name, fame, prosperity and popularity that I lost.

I am strong.I have immense will power and energy to do my work in my own creative way but being unguided,unsuportted,lonely and alone I seek your kind co-operation.

Will you please come forward and Guide me?

With Humble Greetings.

Editor & Publisher :

(Famous Journalist & my dearest old friend)
found out about my isolated living and tried to personally meet me at my Chembur residence at three different dates and times (and knowingly on my cell phone I used to say that I am out or not at home to receive him ) as I still do not know how to accept past relationships.

However gaining some confidence I emailed him in Hindi language my present state of mind on 10th February,2004 to which he immediately responded warmly in same Hindi language as follows:-

Hi Devdas
Rakesh Roshan ki jiwan ko roshni dete dete apni jeevan andhere mein dalne wali kahani padkar mujhe dukh huwa.
Belated happy birthday to you.
Kya isiliye mujhe pehle bataya nahin kyonki main party maangoonga? Ab teen baar hum milneka plan karneke bawajood meri taraf se nahi balke aap ki taraf se cancel kar diye gaye the
Jyothi Venkatesh
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