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John Gunningham

Agent: Does myself count?
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada



Was never too great at telling about myself, I'm nothing spectacular. I suppose this little bit should reflect myself as a writer. As Robin Williams' character put it in dead poet's society, "to taste it and let the words melt in our mouths like honey!" Most of my inspiration comes from cartoons, movies, current events, music and church. Most of my stuff is fiction, of the new fantasy/sci-fi flavor. It's funny how you can relay so many truths about life and what not through something completely distant from real life! People still relate to love and hate, but the exotic of a new wold appeals to the adventure in each of our souls.
In closing I'm an average Saskatchewan farm-boy who loves story-telling and everything that goes with it.

Interests: Well let's see, currently webdesign(still writing, right?), car audio and collecting unknown Christian music.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


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