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Munayem Mayenin

London, United Kingdom


Home page:

His work is compelling, passionate and romantic. He lives and drinks life with the spirit of the son of eternity.

Munayem Mayenin, born, brought up and educated in Bangladesh and came to England in 1990. He studied Bangla and Wrold Literature including the great classical and modern European Literature and poetry before coming to England. He started his writing career in Bangla and eventually it was effectively replaced by English and been writign in English for the last 14 years.
Mayenin's first collection of English poems, Command the Moon, was published in London in 1993. For the last decade Mayenin has spent writing the following pieces of works:

Dehumanisation of Humanity
(four volumes to be published)
Psychology of Zooman (to be published)
Theory of the Universe (to be published)

along with other creative writings including short and micro stories, novels, poetry,Children's and screen plays. Some of his philosophical works have been published on the Philosophy Pathways journal of the International Society for Philosophers. Mayenin was one of the editors of Slivers: An Anthology of South Asian Poetry in Britain and one of the poet published in the Anthology.

Mayenin has worked mainly in education and informal educational field in the civil service. Although now writing on a full time basis. Currently he is on the process of publication of his following poetic works:
The Son of Eternity
The Geography of Time
Sweet Life Stay Still
Poetica!Oh Poetica!

His screen play United Colour of Blood and novel Infinite Avenues Avenues Infinite await publication.

He is married and a father of two young children and lives and writes in London.

Mayenins says he loves and lives poetry and poetry is nothing but the voice of his soul.

He believes that he is a citizen of the mother universe and his works call humanity to a universal humanion of humankind in the cosmosian theatre of life in this beafutiful infinite universe.

His second collection, The Son of Eternity, has just been out as an ebook by

Interests: phisophy,psychology, sociology, political science, poetry, literature and more

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Son of Eternity
  • Children's Literature

  • The Catman