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john kennedy

puerto banus, Bahamas


age 38, current occupation Designer
Have extensively travelled the globe, work in a creative environment although with modern
work ethics a lot of creativity gets diluted.
Have always had interest in writing, wrote e letter for friends. Using knowledge of places
visited felt had enough experience to start latest novel.
Novel Sick Bear is base at time Russia gains independence. A thriller that revolves around
corruption and greed surfacing to manipulate political outcomes.
Have pencilled a further six novels, and aim to continue writing as hobby / proffession.
Live in Spain, and work in Paris, have an interest in classic movies,
such as North by northwest through to the greatest comedy of all time
'Some like it hot' Would love to get involved with the process of directing
Now I have started writing, have a new found respect for every one of us that has bothered to put
pen to paper

Interests: thrillers, political thrillers, 'airport easy reading global adventures'film and TV scripts

Published writer: No

Freelance: No