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Brenna Lyons

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States


Home page:

AOL: BrennaLyons

Brenna Lyons lives in Haverhill, MA with her husband, three children, and a zoo of pets. She was born and raised in the Hazelwood/Glenwood area of Pittsburgh, PA and toured the eastern US for 13 years as a Navy wife, nine of them in VA Beach, where she wrote her first novel, PROPHECY.

She is a poet and novelist who has a poem in the Treble Heart release of Full Moon Inheritance by Jacqueline Elliott. Brenna has fifteen completed novels. She is best known for her erotic books with eXtasy/Zumaya, especially her Kegin, Mythos and Night Warriors series books. Her first books, PROPHECY and FAIRY DREAMS are contracted to Treble Heart and are coming soon. In addition, she has contracted a superhero novella named "With Great Power" to NCP. Brenna has six more books on submission at the moment, eight in draft, and ten on the back burner waiting for their turns at the muse.

She enjoys the Society for Creative Anachronism and is a member of such groups as Broad Universe, EPIC and EPPRO.

Her degrees are in accounting and computer programming, mainly because a former teacher commented that Brenna would either make the perfect auditor or the perfect thief. Never one to pass up a challenge, Brenna has worked as an auditor, tracking down fraud suspects, finding the backdoors into exchange computer systems, teaching everything from math and science to statistics and computers, creating accounting programs for government and small businesses, and as a writer...a thief of attention by redirection. Overall, it's the best of both worlds.

Interests: cooking, baking, photography, camping, hiking, fingerloop braiding

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Prophecy: Revelations
  • Last Chance For Love: Kegin Book Two
  • Sensual Shorts Nuggets Collection
  • Prophecy: Rapture
  • Second Son
  • Remember Me
  • Fairy Dreams
  • Fion's Daughter: Kegin Book Four
  • Black Sail: Book One Mythos Series
  • Schente Night: Kegin Book One
  • Blood Bonds Anthology