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Monir Bhuiyan

Agent: Creative Media
12, Bryn Yr Onnen, southsea
Wrexham, United Kingdom


Home page:


* Research based essay,seminar keynote, travelling story, technology writing.
* Computer Programmer, software engineer
* visited frankfurt book fair, cyber city of kualalum pur, France, Germany, India, The Netherlands,Italy

* Over 2 years Java based server, servlet component development experience and about 5 years of overall I.T. experience

* Extensive experience in object oriented analysis, design, and development of client-server applications

* Worked on successful operation of Multinational company.

* Expertise in JDK1.1/1.2/1.3, Servlets, Java Script, JBuilder 3/4/5, JDBC(SQL Server, Postgresql, Oracle, DB2), JSP, System architecture development.

* In depth knowledge of Internet technologies and protocol architecture.

* 2 years experience in Linux based software development and Linux administration.

* Experience in IT publication, Seminar Conducting, IT Training,

* MS -Computer Science, B.Sc (Hons) ?Applied Physics and Electronics, H.S.C ? NotreDame College

* Possess good analytical skills and problem solving capabilities with excellent communication skills

* Professional attitude, good team player, proactive personality.

I would like to work in a challenging environment -
To develop mission critical and industry oriented products for entrepreneurs/world famous companies.

To use my academic merits, creativity and technical skills.

Field Of Interest:
Software development ( Complete product development, including analysis design testing and debugging, using Java, XML, Java Server, Servlet, JDBC with Postgresql/Oracle/SQL Server, Win32/Unix Based E-Commerce), team leading, System Analysis and project management.

Academic Background (Last three Degrees):

Degree Subject Institution Year of Graduated Grade
M.Sc. (Thesis) Computer Science University of Dhaka 1997
(Held in 1999)
First class (74%)

B.Sc. (Hons) Applied Physics & Electronics University of Dhaka 1996
(Held in 1997)
First Class( 63%)
H.S.C Science Notre Dame College 1993 First Division with star marks (81%)
M.Sc. Thesis Work: Concurrent Software development process in Object Oriented Technology

Awards and Scholarship:
University Scholarship-For B.Sc. (Hons)
Education Board scholarship -For H.S.C result among 1,20,000 students

National Science and Technology Fellowship 1999.

Feni Samity ( Dhaka ) awards.

Number Of Years Of Professional Experience: 5 Years

Present Employer
Computer Solution Ltd.

Software Engineer.

From: October, 2000 to: till now

Job Responsibilities
Analysis, Design, Development of CSL software suits. CSL has been continuing it?s operation since October, 2000. CSL team has successfully completed the first release of four components. I am a proud member of CSL team.

Major Achivements
Product Name: Dialogue Server(MDS)

Description: The Dialogue Server (MDS) is the central component within the architecture. This server connects to databases and directories with stakeholder information, communicates with electronic channels, stores and serves dialogues and writes results to a database. On the server resides all the project information and intelligence to manage projects automatically. The server is written in java and available for the following platforms: Windows NT/2000, IBM AIX, HP UX, Sun Solaris and Linux.

Client: Package for Big Enterprise requiring Human feedback, Surveys.
Environment / Tools Used: Java, XML, ODBC/JDBC, Databases (Access, SQL-Server, Oracle, Postgresql, DB2), HTTP, LDAP, SMTP, RSA-Cryptology, UML, MS-Sourcesafe, Test-Track, Jbuilder, Windows/Linux, InstallAnywhere,

Roles & Responsibilities: Software Engineer.

2) Product Name: Channel Integration Component (MCIC)

Description: The Channel Integration Components (MCIC) is components that need to be installed on an electronic channel. This allows the channel to communicate with the central server. The function of the MCIC is to communicate with the server and to translate the dialogue information (that is stored in the media independent format XML) into the specific format of the channel. The results are vice versa translated from the medium specific format into the media independent format. This way new electronic channels can be deployed easily within the architecture. MCIC's are available for the Apache webserver and Microsoft IIS server.
Client: Package for Big Enterprise requiring Human feedback, Surveys
Environment / Tools Used: Java, Servlet, HTTP, XML, Apache, Tomcat, Linux,HTML
Roles & Responsibilities: Software Engineer.

And practical knowledge of software development process, Team environment, Linux based software developmnet , Using xml/client server protocol etc

Employer, A concern of Spectra solution Ltd. (

Position Held

From: March,2000 To: October, 2000

Major Achivements
Product: E-mail disucussion Group.
Client: and ( USA )
Environment / Tools Used: Linux, qmail, list-server, Java servlet, JSP, XML, ATG's Dyanamo App. server
Roles & Responsibilities: Programmer.

And learning internet web application development technologies,

The Monthly Computer Barta

Phone: +88-02-9114194, E-mail:

Position Held
Divisional Editor (Honorary Part time)

From: May 1997 To: till now

Major Achivements
Preparing a keynote on ?The roll of computer for youth development of Bangladesh? and presenting it in the seminar Organized by the monthly Computer Barta..

And writing/editing articles, conducting interview with IT experts about contemporary issues.

Rotary Computer Training Centre

Phone: 230079, E-mail:

Position Held
Principal, Instructor (C++,)

From: May 1998 To: March 1999.

Major Achivements
Designing course material, conducting lectures, conducting seminar on public awareness.

Notre Dame College

Position Held
Lab Assistant

From: July 1993 To: June 1994

Major Achivements
Experience of conducting lab lectures, helping students in practical works

SAARC Study Tour ?99 of Computer Science dept (batch ?96-?97): visiting 5 states including IIT Kharagpur, Delhi & Santi Niketon, in India. I also visited the Science City at Calcutta.
Roles & Responsibilities: Convenor of the Organizing committee and the Editor of the Souvenir ?Zero-One?.

Worked as a part time c++ Trainer of ?Bhuiyan Computer and Training Academy? and Java trainer of ??Step Media-Well known local software development company?.

Technical Skills:

Programming Languages:
Operating System
I. Java (JDK1.2/1.3)

II. C/C++


IV. Turbo Pascal
I. Windows 98/2000/NT

II. Linux RedHat 6.2-7.2

III. Dos

Software Engineering tools:


II. JBuilder

III. Visio Design

IV. MS source safe

V. Test Track
I. SQL server 2000,

II. Postgresql, Oracle


IV. Relational modeling and Normalization

V. Microsoft Access

Networking & Protocol Concepts:
Internet Technologies:

I. LAN design & Network platform (windows NT, 2000 server/Advanced Server) setting, Internet installation

II. Proxy-server management (Wingate, Winproxy),

III. SMTP mail server management (Linux-Sendmail, MDaemon)

IV. Intranet management and Team management with Lotus Domino

V. LDAP server of lotus domino, and Netscape server.


III. Java Servlet and Tomcat

IV. Web-Server Management (IIS, Apache)

Application Using Skills:
Language Skill:

I. MS- Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point

II. Netscape Navigator/ Internet explorer

III. Fundamentals of Adobe PhotoShop, Quark Express.
Bengali: Strong in writing, speaking and reading

English: Fluent in speaking, Reading & writing

Hindi: Good in understanding & spoken

Strong typing skill in English & Bengali

Other Qualifications:

Executive committee member of registered organization ?SANGJOG?. It is a non-profitable, non-political organization. I was the Secretary of Notre Dame Science Club during 1991-92.


Articles published in some of our national dailies/monthlies are as follows (Most of these are written in Bengali):

Satellite Revolution- the daily Ittefaq, May 2000.

Object Oriented Programming C++- Series of column since may-2000, the monthly computer Barta.

Submarine Cable: Data Transmission media on the Seabed, The monthly Computer Barta, April 2000.

?Software: the ultimate driving force?- the daily new Nation, 2oth Feb 2000.

?Software in business, business with software?- The Daily Bhorer Kagoj - 13th Feb. 2000.

?Roaming of Cellular?-The Monthly Computer Barta, Jan-2000.

?Your duty to integrate Software in business?- The Monthly Computer Barta, Feb-2000.

?Our Situation on High Speed Data Transmission?- The Computer Barta, April 1999

?Tips of the Tops?- Series of columns published in the monthly Computer Barta to represents the activities of the leading IT organization.

?Digital Photography?-Computer Barta-March ?99

?Cellular: Best technology in the wireless communication?- The monthly computer Barta, Aug ?97.

?Fiber Optics: New era in communication System?- The monthly computer Barta, July ?97.

Personal Information:
Name : Moniruzzaman Bhuiyan

Date of birth : 30th December 1975.

Father?s Name : Taher Ahmed Bhuiyan


Moin Khan

Managing Director,

Computer Solution Ltd. (Present employer)

House-28, Road-3, Uttara,

Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

Phone:8917925, 8915646

M. M. Hossain Forhan


The Monthly Computer Barta.

7-9 Kawran Bazar.

Dhaka-1000. Bangladesh

Phone# 88-02-8124759



(Moniruzzaman Bhuiyan)

Interests: Travel, Computer Programming, sports,

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes