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Laila Shabir

Alain, United Arab Emirates

Email: laila_shabir86@hotmail.comm

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Well, where do I start? I'm a nobody! Okay, I'm Laila, 16 years old and still a student(A levels). I was born and raised in Alain, U.A.E, where I still reside with my family. My first attempt at voluntary writing was at age 11. My class teacher pushed me into it, saying that she felt I had the calibre and the creativity. I wrote a couple of verses, not very pleasantly rhyming, but surprisingly profound! (It was on Nature!) Luckily, I received immense encouragement from everybody who read my poem--my family, teachers and friends. That day, and there's been no looking back, no stopping to this perennial river of creativity flowing in my mind.
The first time I ever saw my work in print was 3 years back, when my short story "I never lose" was published in a local youth mag based in Dubai (Young Times). It was an awfully good experience knowing that my story had ACTUALLY made it through the huge stack of contribution this popular mag received daily!
However, I didn't send in as many stories as poems to the magazine. Just 2 short stories, one cover story, a couple of articles, and countless poems. You could say I'm more of a poet than a writer, but hey, I enjoy both equally.
Right now I'm working on a novelette (Do you love me?), it's a simple story, very realistic, revolving around a girl named Maha. I mostly write on situation 'close-to-life' involving 'real' emotions. Out of the world people and extraordinary coincidences have no space in my work. It's very relevant, almost everybody can relate to it. And most importantly, it's plain and simple. There are no murders, crimes and inverstigations, or even mysterious happenings. They're simple, and beautiful. In short, I write what I myself would have enjoyed reading. And oh yes, I mostly (say, 8 out of 10 times) write on love.
Living here in Alain, I find it very difficult to present my work to a wider audience. The only available platform is this youth mag (Youngtimes) and of course, it's not enough. I only wish I had more exposure, it would definitely encourage a lot.

Interests: I love writing poetry as well as prose, reading novels (romance & humour only) cooking, ice skating, hangin out with friends, listening to music and cross stiching.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Irony of Fate
  • I never lose!
  • Poetry

  • A Newfound Love
  • Did I complain?